This Checkstand / Register To Remain Open At All Times For Customers With Disabilities Sign - Durable Heavy-Gauge Aluminum Sign - 10" x 10"

This Register (Checkstand) To Remain Open Aluminum Sign - 12" x 12"
This Register (Checkstand) To Remain Open Aluminum Sign - 12" x 12"
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Aluminum ADA Wheelchair Accessible Checkout/Register Sign - 12x18 - Heavy-Gauge Aluminum Handicapped ADA Guide Signs

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3 = $57.95/each
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Use this ADA cash register and checkout or checkstand sign to guide visitors to your store or business to wheelchair accessible checkout stations. Marking ADA wheelchair accessible cash registers and check outs is part of making your business accessible to all.

ADA Handicapped Cash Register and Checkout Signs from ADA Sign Depot:

  • Rated for 10-Plus Years Outdoor Service Without Fading
  • Rugged digitally printed Sign Face laminated with anti-graffiti protection
  • Heavy-Gauge .080 Rust-Free Aluminum
  • Pre-Drilled Holes for Easy Mounting on Posts, Walls, Fences
  • Sign Face is Laminated with 3M 1160a Anti-Graffiti and Anti-Weather Protection. If sign is tagged, graffiti can be washed off using mild detergent such as Simple Green. If label is put on the sign face, the label can be peeled off without any damage to the sign face. Laminate also protects sign from harsh weather including high sun exposure.

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California Building Code CBC 1110B.1.3 2010 ADA 904.3
Accessible check stands to provide 36 min. clear aisle with max. adjoining counter height of 38 above finish floor. Top of raised counter lip to not exceed 40. Accessible checkout aisles to be identified by the international Symbol of Accessibility.

Source: ADA Guide for Businesses
Checkout aisles, such as in a grocery store An accessible checkout aisle should provide a minimum of a 36-inch-wide access aisle and it should be identified by a sign with the international symbol of accessibility mounted over the aisle. The counter adjacent to the accessible checkout aisle has a maximum height of 38 inches. If a lip is provided between the counter and the check- out aisle, its maximum height is 40 inches. The number of accessible aisles that is needed depends on the total number of checkout aisles pro-vided. For example, if one to four aisles are provided, then at least one should be accessible. If more than five to eight aisles are pro- vided, then two accessible aisles are needed. Each type of check- out, including express lanes, must have an accessible checkout aisle. The ADA Standards for Accessible Design provide detailed information on the requirements for checkout aisles and for sales and service counters.

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