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Self-Adhesive Truncated Domes Mats for Asphalt or Concrete

Self-Adhesive Truncated Domes Mats for Asphalt or Concrete

ADA and California Compliant Surface Applied Self-Adhesive Truncated Domes Mats for Asphalt or Concrete Surfaces

These power-bonding peel and stick truncated domes mats are simple and quick. They can be installed in just minutes. These detectable warning ADA Mats require no drilling or anchoring hardware. If you can put a stamp on an envelope or a band-aid on a cut, you can install these ADA truncated domes mats. A powerful adhesive technology is used in these ADA truncated domes tactile warning systems. The same powerful adhesive that keeps wings attached to airplanes and keeps hundreds of parts bonded with automobiles is used in manufacturing these ADA pads so they will bond on asphalt surfaces typically used in parking lots and pedestrian pathways. (NOTE: California requires a minimum 3-foot depth for truncated domes. Please select your sizes accordingly.)

Because of their size, weight, and industrial adhesive/moisture sealants, Truncated Domes can only be shipped by Ground Transport to a Business Address. Expedited shipping is not available.

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Self-Sticking Truncated Domes for Asphalt or Concrete Surfaces

  • The only truncated domes we recommend for use on asphalt surfaces, these ADA mats also work on concrete surfaces.
  • No special tools, drilling, or anchoring hardware required.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle, easy for one person to install.
  • Cost effective for new construction or retrofitting.
  • Made of advanced fiber-reinforced, polymer-modified flexible cement.
  • Wear resistant, UV protective resins conform to slight irregularities in ground surface.
  • Unique fiber-reinforced cement ADA mats have superior durability and longevity.
  • Mats can be cut in the field. Using heavy-duty utility knife or construction shears, lay mat flat with domes faced up. Use a straight edge to cut lines. Radius cuts are not recommended. Note: Product cannot be returned if cut, used, or in any condition not suitable for resale.
  • Power bond adhesive truncated domes are a great choice for installation on asphalt or concrete surfaces.
  • Please review and follow installation instructions carefully! These self-adhesive ADA pads are an excellent product and easier to install than rigid tiles that require you to apply the adhesive, drill into the surface, and anchor with bolts. But each mat must be installed correctly, following the instructions provided on this website and with the mats we ship to you. We provide phone and email support for any customer with questions about installation of this product.
  • 5 year product warranty. Improper installation may void warranty.

Powerful Self-Adhesive Peel and Stick Truncated Domes from ADA Sign Depot Meet All ADA and California Requirements

NOTE: California requires a minimum 3-foot depth for truncated domes. Please select your sizes accordingly.
  • A pre-molded tactile dome sheet composed of fiber-reinforced polymer-modified flexible cement with flexible, wear-resistant, UV protective resins.
  • Integrated with the mat is a proprietary “Powerbond” peel and stick technology.
  • Mats are only 2mm thick with truncated domes 0.9 inch in diameter by 0.2 inch high.
  • Do not apply in temperatures below 45 degrees Fahrenheit or when surface temperature is below 20 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Do not apply in wet conditions or when rain is imminent..

  • Remarkably different from other surface mounted (retro-fit) ADA pads made by Armor-Tile, Access Tile, or ADA Solutions, this peel-and-stick technology means no cans of adhesives, no mixing or mess to clean up. With these self-adhesive ADA mats you just brush off the surface, peel and stick the pad, and brush along the edges of the pad with the sealant we provide.

    This new self-adhesive technology for ADA truncated domes mats has become so in-demand that you can see these mats installed outside many of America's most successful businesses, including Albertsons, Disneyland, The Home Depot, Kaiser Permanente Hospitals, Kohl's, Lowes, McDonald’s, Vons and Walmart.

    These mats are not only manufactured to meet both ADA and California requirements for paving tiles, but with their very low "no trip" profile, ease of application, and long-lasting cost-benefit performance these ADA mats are preferred and/or required by more and more California cities, from Anaheim to Bakersfield, from the County of Los Angeles to the County of Santa Barbara, from San Luis Obispo to West Covina.

    ADA Accessibility Guidelines ADAAG Section 4.29.2 ADA compliant truncated-dome tactile warning system for pavement. This system is an ADA-compliant patterned mat with a high contrast, low profile slip resistant surface.
    • Dome spacing 2.35 inch and inline spacing meets ADA Federal and State requirements
    • Consistent dome spacing when tiles are adjoined side by side or end to end.

    Self-adhesive ADA matsSelf-adhesive truncated domes provide a physical warning to visually impaired pedestrians. These ADA mats are designed to supply a directional assistance for accessibility to buildings or facilities and they are ideal for use in ADAAG required applications. Curb ramps, transit platforms and hazardous vehicular areas are just a few of the places where you would use an ADA compliant truncated-dome tactile warning system like this.

    Detectable warnings are a distinctive surface pattern of domes detectable by cane or underfoot that alert people with vision impairments of their approach to street crossings and hazardous drop-offs. They are used to indicate the boundary between pedestrian and vehicular routes where there is a flush instead of a curbed connection. Detectable warnings also indicate unprotected drop-offs along the edges of boarding platforms at transit stations and stops.

    Note on Finished Dimensions: Individual mats are cut from continuous material in the factory. ADA and California and other state regulations require each mat to have the same number and position of domes. This can lead to slight variations in the overall width or length of the individual mats, to prevent cutting through any of the domes. E.g., to insure each mat has the required 16 truncated domes per length and 10 truncated domes per width, the finished size of a 2' x 3' mat may measure 23.5" x 35". Floating up 1/4" of the provided edge sealant can also increase final mat dimensions.

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