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Truncated Domes, ADA Pads and Tactile Paving Tiles

ADA Mats | Truncated Domes - Many On Sale Now!

ADA and California Compliant - Truncated Domes Mats, ADA Pads and Truncated Domes Tiles

Most people are aware of "those bumpy yellow things" outside of Costco or at the curb cutouts in their neighborhood. But if you're a business or property owner you know that the correct truncated domes are essential to making your property ADA compliant and passing inspection to be open for business. ADA Sign Depot is here to help. We distribute a variety of detectable warning styles, sizes and colors from only the best American manufacturers. We often ship orders the next business day, and always within 1-3 business days. Delivery time will depend on your location and which warehouse (CA or NY) the products you order ship from. Truncated Domes are a tactile warning system designed exclusively for pedestrians and used only in pedestrian paths of travel. Truncated domes and ADA mats are not designed or intended or required for use in areas with vehicular or mechanical traffic. Federal and State ADA laws and regulations require truncated domes in specified areas to alert blind, sight-impaired, and other people/pedestrians when they are moving from a pedestrians-only space into a space with vehicles, such as when leaving a sidewalk to enter a street or a parking lot, or to alert to a change in ground level.

Because of their size, weight, and industrial adhesive/moisture sealants, Truncated Domes can only be shipped by Ground Transport to a Business Address. Expedited shipping is not available.

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5 Star Review of ADA Sign DepotTim L., California
“Delivery time was faster than I expected. I purchased the self-adhesive truncated dome pads. Installation was a breeze. Great company with a great product."

Surface Applied (Retro-Fit) Truncated Domes are applied to existing concrete, fastened with the adhesive and anchoring hardware we include with the tiles. Our Self-Adhesive ADA pads are super easy to install, do not require anchoring hardware, and form a powerful bond with concrete, asphalt, and other surfaces. Our Cast in Place truncated domes are used when pouring fresh/wet concrete and can be easily replaced years down the road, without having to demolish, remove and re-pour concrete.

ADA Guidelines for Truncated Domes

4.29 Detectable Warnings.
4.29.1 General. Detectable warnings required by 4.1 and 4.7 shall comply with 4.29.
4.29.2* Detectable Warnings on Walking Surfaces. Detectable warnings shall consist of raised truncated domes with a diameter of nominal 0.9 in (23 mm), a height of nominal 0.2 in (5 mm) and a center-to-center spacing of nominal 2.35 in (60 mm) and shall contrast visually with adjoining surfaces, either light-on-dark, or dark-on-light. (Appendix Note) The material used to provide contrast shall be an integral part of the walking surface. Detectable warnings used on interior surfaces shall differ from adjoining walking surfaces in resiliency or sound-on-cane contact.
4.29.3 Detectable Warnings on Doors To Hazardous Areas. (Reserved).
4.29.4 Detectable Warnings at Stairs. (Reserved).
4.29.5 Detectable Warnings at Hazardous Vehicular Areas. If a walk crosses or adjoins a vehicular way, and the walking surfaces are not separated by curbs, railings, or other elements between the pedestrian areas and vehicular areas, the boundary between the areas shall be defined by a continuous detectable warning which is 36 in (915 mm) wide, complying with 4.29.2.
4.29.6 Detectable Warnings at Reflecting Pools. The edges of reflecting pools shall be protected by railings, walls, curbs, or detectable warnings complying with 4.29.2.

6 Questions to Answer Before You Buy Truncated Domes

  1. Do you want surface applied dome pads for dry concrete, or cast-in-place pads to install when pouring wet concrete?/li>
  2. Are you in a city or state that has unique requirement, such as a minimum dimension requirement? For example, California requires truncated dome pads have a 3-foot minimum dimension in the direction of travel.
  3. What color pads will work for your project? California requires pads be yellow, but the ADA requirement for visual contrast can trump this requirement. If you needed to install tactile paving pads on a yellow surface, installing yellow truncated dome pads would offer virtually no contrast with the surrounding surface. As always, consult with your building code or access inspector for any non-standard or localized requirements, such as for dimensions or color of truncated domes, before making your purchase.
  4. Does the size of the domes and their spacing meet ADA requirements? Dome size: , 0.9" base and 0.45" top diameter. Spacing: 2.35" center-to-center, in-line dome spacing meets ADA Federal and individual State requirements, including California.
  5. Does the edge of the pad meet the non-trip hazard ADA rule? Perimeter of tile must be designed to meet ADA requirements for surface height transition, often meaning a beveled edge. Keep in mind that pads when placed end to end must maintain the dome pattern and alignment. Truncated dome pads sold on ADA Sign Depot meet these requirements.
  6. Are the manufacturer and the reseller reputable? For example, do they provide easy to download product specifications and installation instructions? Do they include with your purchase all required hardware, adhesive and instructions for installing the pads? Surface applied dome tiles should come with tamper resistant anchoring hardware as well as industrial strength adhesive designed to work with the manufacturer’s product.
    Wet cement applied pads should come with vandal resistant bolts (Is it a replaceable pad? Then you will want the correct hardware so that years from now you can easily remove and replace any worn or damaged tiles.) The ADA requires that manufacturers confirm their truncated dome pads will last at least 5 years.

In summary, truncated domes for sale on ADA Sign Depot meet these specifications, among others:

  • 2.35" center-to-center, in-line dome spacing meets ADA Federal and State requirements
  • Truncated dome size and spacing compliant with ADA Federal and State requirements, 0.9" base and 0.45" top diameter
  • Perimeter of tile is designed to meet ADA requirements for surface height transition
  • Fully complies with all ADA and OHSA requirements for surface height transitions to eliminate trip hazards
  • Consistent dome spacing when tiles are adjoined (side-by-side or end-to-end)
  • Wide in-line dome configuration facilitates a smooth rolling transition for strollers, wheelchairs and walkers
  • High density, diamond grip™ pyramid micro texture designed for exceptional slip resistance in wet and dry conditions
  • Textured surface on bottom to allow optimum adhesive bond
  • Adhesive location identified on underside of tile for easy, error-free installation
  • Pre-formed fastener locations enable error-free installation. Color-matched anchoring hardware is supplied with tiles

Learn more from our Instructional Videos, Guides, and Downloads for Truncated Domes products from ADA Sign Depot.

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