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Truncated Domes Tiles - 2' x 3' - For Concrete Surfaces

2' x 3' Truncated Domes Surface Applied ADA Tile

  • $229 $229.00

Federal Yellow Tile
Dark Gray Tile
Onyx Black Tile
Brick Red Tile
Colonial Red Tile

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Truncated Domes Surface Applied Tiles - 2' x 3' Size - Includes Adhesive and Anchoring Hardware

These Access Tiles Truncated Domes Tiles ship from New York, in 1-3 business days, depending on inventory level.

Truncated Domes are only shipped via Ground Services such as UPS or FedEx Ground or LTL Freight. Expedited air shipping is not available.

This 2' x 3' size truncated domes tile is compliant with ADA and California regulations. Easy to install with adhesive and anchoring hardware included.

If you have questions or would like a quote on a larger project, please contact us

Access Tiles Truncated Domes Specifications

Access Tiles Truncated Domes - ADA and California Compliant

  • 2.35" center-to-center, in-line dome spacing meets ADA Federal and State requirements
  • Truncated dome size and spacing compliant with ADA Federal and State requirements, 0.9" base and 0.45" top diameter
  • Perimeter of tile is designed to meet ADA requirements for surface height transition.
  • Fully complies with all ADA and OHSA requirements for surface height transitions to eliminate trip hazards
  • Consistent dome spacing when tiles are adjoined (side-by-side or end-to-end)
  • Wide in-line dome configuration facilitates a smooth rolling transition for strollers, wheelchairs and walkers
  • High density, diamond grip pyramid micro texture designed for exceptional slip resistance in wet and dry conditions.
  • Textured surface on bottom to allow optimum adhesive bond.
  • Adhesive location identified on underside of tile for easy, error-free installation.
  • Pre-formed fastener locations enable error-free installation. Color-matched anchoring hardware is supplied with tile.
  • NOTE: California requires a minimum 3-foot depth for truncated domes. Please consult your local/state regulations and select your sizes accordingly. When selecting colors of truncated domes be aware of the contrast regulation: Detectable Warning Surfaces shall contrast visually with adjacent walking surfaces either light-on-dark, or dark-on-light.

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Note regarding California compliance: California state calls for a minimum 3-foot dimension on truncated dome pads, and specifies the color of paving tiles be yellow. Other states and the federal government do not have these requirements. We strongly advise consulting with your local access compliance agency before purchasing any ADA signs or products. We have included a great deal of product description and information that can be easily forwarded by email for your inspector's review and approval before you place an order.

Truncated domes are pads of textured ground surface indicators. ADA Sign Depot offers an assortment of sizes for dome pads. This gives our customers more options for most efficiently covering large and smaller areas, as needed. Tactile pads are used on ramps or stairs, in curb cutouts and along paths of travel. Paving tiles are useful in assisting pedestrians who are blind or have visual impairment, warning them of changes in surface level or when about to enter vehicular traffic. But these "bump pads" as many people call them also warn the sighted, alerting them to pay attention to changes in the surface, such as potentially dangerous areas beside train platforms, or pedestrian sidewalks that are on the same level as street traffic.

Truncated domes are "an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirement in the current Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) for the use of detecting the boundary between the sidewalk and the street." Surface applied or retro-fit ADA pads are designed for mounting on dry concrete. These dome pads are bonded to the concrete with industrial strength adhesive and anchoring hardware. ADA Sign Depot includes both, adhesive and anchor bolt hardware, with every pad you buy. If not for the development of ADA compliant surface applied dome pads, also called "dry set" pads, property owners would need to demolish and remove dry concrete, then pour fresh concrete and use cast-in-place truncated dome pads to being their property into compliance. Detectable Warnings incorporating truncated domes are the only option to make hazardous vehicular ways, curb ramps and transit platform edges truly detectable and ADA compliant.

California Title 24 requires that "If a walk crosses or adjoins a vehicular way, and the walking surfaces are not separated by curbs, railings or other elements between the pedestrian areas and vehicular areas, the boundary between the areas shall be defined by a continuous detectable warning which is 36 inches (914 mm) wide." It must be safety yellow.

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