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ADA Window Decals and Wheelchair Symbol Labels

ADA Window Decals, Labels and Stickers

Wheelchair Symbol Window Decals and Labels for Entrances, Exits, Tables and Counters

ADA Window decals with the Wheelchair Symbol of Accessibility are typically placed at building entrances and exits. But ADA wheelchair symbol window decals and labels can be used wherever needed to indicate a barrier-free path of travel, particularly for wheelchair users, but also for persons with other permanent or temporary disabilities. Using a symbol of accessibility window decal or label lets all people know that obstacles such as steps have been replaced with ramps to help those in wheelchairs, older people, parents with baby carriages, pregnant women and others. The California Builders Code, Section 1117B.5.8 Symbols of Accessibility, requires "a white figure on a blue background."

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ADA Wheelchair Symbol of Access Window Decals and Labels

The International Symbol of Access (ISA), also known as the (International) Wheelchair Symbol, consists of a blue square overlaid in white with a stylized image of a person using a wheelchair.

The California Builders Code, Section 1117B.5.8 Symbols of Accessibility require "a white figure on a blue background. The blue shall be equal to Color No. 15090 in Federal Standard 595B.
-California Builders Code 2007, Section 1117B

There are four symbols that stand for accessibility. One is the familiar International Symbol of Access, or "wheelchair symbol." It's used generally to show that persons with mobility impairments can access entrances, restrooms, or pathways. Three symbols are specifically for persons with hearing impairments. The "ear" symbol is the International Symbol of Access for Hearing Loss, and is used to show the availability of an assistive listening system. The "keyboard" symbol stands for a TTY or text telephone. The "phone" symbol with sound waves stands for the availability of a volume controlled phone.