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Cast-In-Place Replaceable ADA Truncated Domes Tiles - 3' x 5'

Truncated Domes 3' x 5' Cast-in-Place Removable Tile

  • $599 $599.00

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Federal Yellow Tile Ships Same or Next Business Day
This product ships only by ground services to a Business Address. Questions? Contact us.

Cast-In-Place Replaceable ADA Truncated Domes Tiles - 3' x 5' - For Installation in Wet Concrete

This Access Tiles Product ships from New York, typically in 1-3 business days.

Shipping notes: Minimum Order of (2) Tiles Required. This 3' x 5' size product can only be shipped to a business address. Delivery to a residential address is not available. An authorized person must be available to sign for delivery during standard business hours, M-F, 8am-5pm. Delivery is to curbside only; indoor delivery is not available. Truncated Domes are only shipped via Ground Services. Expedited air shipping is not available. If you have any questions on shipping, please contact us(Click this link to view our 3' x 5' size surface mounted truncated domes with no minimum order.)

Using Cast-in-Place truncated domes has been around for a long time. This installation system is mostly used by municipalities and larger contractors, having the skill and experience to properly install tiles in wet concrete. If you're looking for the DIY-friendly and easiest installation method for ADA and California compliant tactile domes, shop our Self-Adhesive Truncated Domes

This 3' x 5' truncated domes tile developed by Access Tiles includes design innovations not found in early cast-in-place systems. Including a new unique anchoring system allows for easy replacement of tiles. This is the largest size tile available and makes covering longer distances more efficient than using smaller tiles. Note: This 3'x5' size also complies with California's requirement that truncated domes have a 3-foot depth.

Access Tiles Cast-in-Place Truncated Domes
Twenty years of tactile design, testing and manufacturing insights have gone into this truncated dome detectable warning product. Installation is easy and fast with no concrete demolition required. The replaceability feature of the this paving tile is industry leading due to its simplicity and speed.

Cast-in-Place and Replaceable Truncated Domes Tiles - 3' x 5' - California and ADA Compliant

  • 2.35" center-to-center, in-line dome spacing meets ADA Federal and State requirements
  • Truncated dome size and spacing compliant with ADA Federal and State requirements, 0.9" base and 0.45" top diameter
  • Perimeter of tile is designed to meet ADA requirements for surface height transition.
  • Fully complies with all ADA and OHSA requirements for surface height transitions to eliminate trip hazards
  • Consistent dome spacing when tiles are adjoined (side-by-side or end-to-end)
  • Wide in-line dome configuration facilitates a smooth rolling transition for strollers, wheelchairs and walkers
  • High density, diamond grip pyramid micro texture designed for exceptional slip resistance in wet and dry conditions.

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