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SST-1008 Roller for Installing Self-Adhesive Truncated Domes

Roller Used for Installing Self-Adhesive Truncated Domes ADA Pads

Roller for Installing Self-Adhesive Truncated Domes ADA Pads

  • $149 $149.00

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Use this Roller to Assure Uniform Adhesion of Self-Adhesive ADA Truncated Domes Pads on Concrete or Asphalt Surfaces

Use this high-quality roller when installing self-adhesive truncated domes ADA mats

Once the peel-n-stick mat is laid down, roll the tool evenly across the mat's surface to ensure maximum adhesion of the entire mat surface to substrate it is mounted on. The roller exerts even pressure on smooth or uneven surfaces eliminating any trapped air bubbles. Roller's wheels fit in-between truncated domes. Using this roller helps to ensure a tight bond of the mat to the substrate.

  • Efficient time-saving tool for properly installing self-adhesive style ADA pads
  • Compact enough to fit inside most toolboxes
  • Adjustable Handle - Extends from 17 to 27 inches
  • Non-marking wheels will not scuff mat
  • 7.5" wide
  • Rollers are spaced to run in channels between truncated domes
While not necessary for installing our self-adhesive ADA pads, this roller is a great choice if installing more than one or two mats, speeding the process and ensuring a tight, even bond between the mat and the surface, whether concrete or asphalt.

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