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We Are Pleased To Provide Assistance for Handicapped Customers Sign

We Are Pleased To Provide Assistance ADA Signs - 10" x 10"

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We Are Pleased To Provide Assistance Sign - 10" x 10" - Non-Tactile Digitally Printed ADA Guide Sign

This attractive, digitally printed 1/8-inch thick Please Ask For Assistance ADA Sign is used to let all customers and visitors know that your employees and staff are happy to provide any assistance they may need. Not every person with a disability may require assistance in stores, restaurants, or other businesses. Even some folks using wheelchairs may be quite able to expertly maneuver in well-designed ADA compliant spaces. Just being in a wheelchair, or using a cane, or using a walker, does not necessarily mean you need assistance from every person you encounter. (I have this friend, whose 94-year-old mother-in-law heaps scorn upon those interrupting her to offer assistance. She resents how people, seeing her advanced age, assume she is not able to get around on her own and do what she pleases. Thank you very much!) Sometimes it's more polite to wait to be asked for assistance. The nice thing about this sign is how it assures anyone who may need any assistance, when they do, they have only to ask, and they shall receive. 

We Are Pleased to Provide Assistance Signs

  • Non-glare matte finish
  • Sans serif font and digitally printed
  • This Handicapped Assistance Sign is an accepted way to let all your customers and visitors now that you are ready to assist them if and when needed
  • Mounting ADA Signs: While we include foam tape on the back side of our signs, we recommend ADA signs always be mounted using either fasteners or a construction grade silicone adhesive, such as Lexel. For signs larger than 6" x 6" the foam tape we provide is intended only as an aid for positioning the sign while using fasteners or adhesive for mounting. For correct positioning and mounting heights, view or download our ADA Sign Mounting Guide

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