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Symbol of Accessibility for Tables, Cashier Stands, Counters, etc.

Wheelchair Symbol of Accessibility Sign - 4" x 4" x 1/16" ADA Sign

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Symbol of Accessibility for Tables, Cashier and Checkout Stands, etc. - 4" x 4" size - Thinner 1/16-inch thickness for  mounting on tables, walls, counters.

This 4" x 4" size is called for in the California Builders Code for use on Accessible Checkstands when not all check stands are accessible (CBC 1110B.1.3)

This Wheelchair Symbol Sign is used to mark accessible tables and for placement in smaller spaces where the required 6" x 6" ISA would not fit.

These acrylic ADA Wheelchair Symbol Signs for Cashier Stands are 1/16-inch thick acrylic, half the thickness of our 1/8" thick signs. We print the wheelchair symbol on the back side, then paint the backside. This "subsurface printing" provides excellent protection against weathering and scratching, as the image and paint are under the acrylic surface that is exposed to weather and use.

Note: This sign is available with the standard ADA compliant wheelchair symbol (shown on this page), or the modern "action style" wheelchair symbol (shown here), that is increasingly preferred in New York and elsewhere. Be sure to get approval from any inspectors on your project before ordering.

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United States Access Board ADA Guidelines for check-out Areas

7.3* Check-out Aisles. (1) In new construction, accessible check-out aisles shall be provided in conformance with the table below: Total Check-out Aisles of Each Design Minimum Number of Accessible Check-out Aisles (of each design) 1 - 4 1 5 - 8 2 9 - 15 3 over 15 3, plus 20% of additional aisles EXCEPTION: In new construction, where the selling space is under 5000 square feet, only one check-out aisle is required to be accessible. EXCEPTION: In alterations, at least one check-out aisle shall be accessible in facilities under 5000 square feet of selling space. In facilities of 5000 or more square feet of selling space, at least one of each design of check-out aisle shall be made accessible when altered until the number of accessible check-out aisles of each design equals the number required in new construction. Examples of check-out aisles of different "design" include those which are specifically designed to serve different functions. Different "design" includes but is not limited to the following features - length of belt or no belt; or permanent signage designating the aisle as an express lane. (2) Clear aisle width for accessible check-out aisles shall comply with 4.2.1 and maximum adjoining counter height shall not exceed 38 in (965 mm) above the finish floor. The top of the lip shall not exceed 40 in (1015 mm) above the finish floor. (3) Signage identifying accessible check-out aisles shall comply with 4.30.7 and shall be mounted above the check-out aisle in the same location where the check-out number or type of check-out is displayed.

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