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New York Wheelchair Symbol of Accessibility Sign

Wheelchair Symbol of Accessibility Sign - Active New York Style

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Modern Style Wheelchair Symbol Sign - This Active-Style Wheelchair Symbol is Popular in New York State and Elsewhere - 6" x 6"

This Active Wheelchair Symbol Access Sign is popular in New York State and other areas and is used just as the traditional wheelchair symbol is used: To designate an accessible entrance or exit, or to indicated a barrier-free path of travel.

Many disability advocates and organizations prefer this more active wheelchair user symbol rather than the traditional International Symbol of Access, which infers passivity, and focuses attention more on the wheelchair than the person. This new wheelchair symbol of access icon is an an active, engaged image that implies motion and most importantly, focuses on the person with disability rather than the wheelchair they may be using.

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Action Style Wheelchair Symbol Sign - New York Style Wheelchair Symbol Sign

  • ADA compliant non-glare matte finish
  • ADA compliant tactile (1/32 raised) active wheelchair pictogram
  • ADA Compliant required 6" x 6" Size
  • Federal ADA regulations have entirely not accepted this or other alternative style ISA/wheelchair symbols. Check with your local authorities and/or inspector on your project to be sure they will accept this active "New York" style wheelchair accessible symbol before ordering. Read the ADA Sign Depot blog article about the Action Wheelchair Symbol
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