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ADA Compliant Tactile Braille Room Signs for Schools

ADA Compliant Room Name and Number Signage for Schools

ADA Compliant Tactile Braille Signs for Schools

Schools, whether high schools or universities, have taken the lead in making their grounds and buildings ADA compliant and accessible for all students. One important part of that effort is to properly mark permanent rooms with ADA room name or room number signs. From classrooms and restrooms to support facilities such as the lunch room, custodian, nurse and administrative offices, ADA compliant signs make schools safer, easier to navigate, and accessible for all. At ADA Sign Depot we enjoy making custom signage for many schools, for here in California and for every other state. We've also developed a versatile room number sign with cut-out window in which the current function of the room, or name of the teacher or other occupant of the room, can be printed on an office printer and inserted into the protected window. Creating a an attractive and durable sign that can be updated each semester for many years to come.