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Dining Room Sign - ADA Compliant Tactile Braille Dining Room Sign

Dining Room Sign - 8" x 4" - ADA Compliant Tactile Braille Sign

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Dining Room Sign - ADA Compliant Dining Room Sign with Tactile Words and Braille - 8" x 4"

What to colleges, corporations, the United States Marines, and your own house all have in common? A dining room!

So, yeah, while you are not expected to mount this ADA Compliant Dining Room Sign in your home, every other place in our list is. In fact, compliance regulations call for each room in a public access building that has a permanent purpose to have a tactile braille room identification sign at its entry points. To that, we have got to shout out, "Oorah!" and "Hooah!" and "Hooyah!"

(Wikipedia: Oorah is a battle cry common in the United States Marine Corps since the mid-20th century. It is comparable to Hooah in the United States Army and the United States Air Force, and Hooyah in the United States Navy.)

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ADA Compliant Dining Room Braille Sign

  • ADA compliant non-glare matte finish
  • ADA compliant font and tactile (1/32 inch raised) letters
  • ADA compliant size and letter height
  • ADA compliant California domed Grade 2 Braille (The use of California standards for braille satisfies both Federal and California regulations, allowing a single dot configuration for all braille signs nationwide.)
  • Our high-quality yet economically priced Braille Dining Room Signs are fully ADA Compliant in all States.

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