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This Location For Nursing Mothers Only ADA Sign

Nursing Mothers Only ADA Signs with Braille - 6.5" x 10"

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This Location For Nursing Mothers Only ADA Sign with Breastfeeding Symbol and Braille  - 6.5" x 10"

This sign would be mounted on the wall beside the latch side of the door indicating a Nursing Mothers Only Room. This nursing mothers sign is also available in our brushed aluminum version: BAL-1158 Location For Nursing Mothers Sign

For decades the trend has been that more women are entering the workplace. Accommodations are being made to minimize negative impacts for working women who also happen to be mothers nursing their children. Your business or property having the correct ADA compliant signage is an important part of this evolving transformation. 

Note: Signs with the optional In Use slider section will measure 6" wide x 12" high. 

Nursing Mothers Only Sign with Breast Feeding Symbol and Braille

  • ADA compliant non-glare matte finish
  • ADA compliant font and tactile (1/32 inch raised) letters
  • ADA compliant size and letter height
  • ADA compliant California domed Grade 2 Braille (The use of California standards for braille satisfies both Federal and California regulations, allowing a single dot configuration for all braille signs nationwide.)
  • Our high-quality yet economically priced Nursing Mothers ADA Signs are guaranteed to pass inspections performed by California Certified Access Specialists--or your money back.
By Katherine Lewis:
If you are setting up a nursing room at work, you should consider including the following features:
  • A breast pump so women don't have to lug around their personal pumps.
  • A sink.
  • Anti-bacterial wipes.
  • A small refrigerator for storing breast milk.
  • A microwave for steam-cleaning pump pieces. Decorations that encourage mothers to relax and pump more breast milk, whether that's personal photos or art work. Easy access to electrical outlets.
  • A lock on the door

Under U.S. law, employers must provide a lactation room for a new mother to use for pumping breast milk. A bathroom isn't suitable for this purpose, because it wouldn't be sanitary to express milk alongside toilets and all the germs they contain. Moreover, the lactation station must be private and shielded from view of other employees or the general public. Additionally, employers must give breastfeeding mothers appropriate breaks from their work day in order to travel to the lactation room and take the time needed to pump milk. Typically, a new mom returning to work with an infant at home needs to express breast milk two or three times in every eight-hour period of the day. As your baby grows older and begins to eat solid food, you most likely will pump less milk and be able to go longer between pumping sessions.

Breast milk provides optimal nutrition for babies. It has the right amount of nutrients, is easily digested and readily available. However, the rate of breastfeeding is as low as 30% in some groups of women. While some women are unable to breastfeed, others simply choose not to. More and more women are becoming aware of the benefits of breastfeeding and American businesses, airlines, rail and bus transportation companies, schools and offices are meeting the demand for lactation rooms and breastfeeding sanitary facilities. Studies show breastfeeding has major health benefits, for both the mother and her baby. 

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