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HDW-1008 8-Foot Galvanized Steel - Break-Away U-Channel Sign Posts - Heavy

8-Foot Galvanized Steel - Break-Away U-Channel Sign Posts - Heavy

Break-Away U-Channel Sign Post - Galvanized - 8-Foot Heavy Weight

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8-Foot Galvanized Steel - Break-Away U-Channel Sign Posts - Heavy Weight (2.0-lbs./foot)

These galvanized steel breakaway u-channel sign posts are a good choice for public access parking lot environments and roadways. Posts break away at the stub upon impact from cars, which minimizes damage to cars and/or injury to car's occupants. Certain municipalities will require break-away style sign posts in public access areas. Check with your local authorities. The heavy weight (2.0 pounds per linear foot) sign post is attached with breakaway bolts (included) to a 3-foot u-channel section that is embedded in the ground or a concrete footing. Breakaway sign posts are designed to break at this joint when struck by a vehicle. A good design for public access parking lots in general conditions including high winds and snowfall areas. These hot dipped galvanized finished sign posts have high rust-resistance.

8 Foot Galvanized Heavy Weight Break Away U-Channel Sign Posts

  • Both the 8-foot post and the 3-foot anchor section are solid steel in heavy weight of 2.0 pounds per linear foot
  • Tapered on end makes ground penetration easier for installation of the shorter breakaway section
  • Breakaway hardware included
  • Punched holes along full length allow maximum sign mounting positions, including mounting multiple signs
  • Galvanized finish provides strong rust protection
  • 8-foot posts can be used for permanent sign mounting of parking signs, STOP signs, parking lot signage, ADA wayfinding and directional signs/a>

NOTE: Signs mounted in a pedestrian path of travel should have 80-inches of clearance from the bottom edge of the lowest mounted sign to ground level. Handicap parking signs reserving a parking space should be visible when a car is parked in that space.

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