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PAR-1085 Tip 'N Roll Portable Sign Stand System

Tip 'N Roll Portable Sign Stand System

Tip 'N Roll Portable Sign Stand from ADA Sign Depot

  • $259 $259.00

Ships in 2-3 Business Days

Tip 'N Roll Portable Sign Stand - Lightweight Moveable Sign Post System Perfect for Parking Lots, Pedestrian Paths, Schools, Sidewalk Advertising

NOTE: Signs Are Sold Separately

Tip 'N Roll Portable Sign Stands

  • 48"-Tall Heavy Duty 2"-Diameter Pole
  • 24" Technopolymer Sign Base
  • Built-in Wheels for Easy Moving "Tip and Roll!"
  • Built-in EZ Grip nylon handle
  • Fits signs from 9" x 12" up to 24" x 24", including octagonal STOP signs
  • You can mount signs to show in one direction Or mount two signs back-to-back to show in both directions!
  • NOTE: Signs Sold Separately
Tip and Roll Sign Stand System

Lightweight but durable. Super Easy to Move with built-in wheels and handle. Made to withstand sun/UV, rain and weathering. This Tip-N-Roll portable sign stand comes with mounting hardware to hold one sign in one direction, or hold two signs back-to-backso pedestrians or drivers traveling in both directions can see the signs. Great for adding a safety STOP sign in pedestrian paths or parking lots. It's so easy to move, you can use it for temporary messaging, whether alerting people to wet surfaces on rainy days, or indicating direction or pedestrian paths to entrances and exits. Also works as a nifty sidewalk advertising system with signs visible in both directions of travel. Having a sale or special event? The Tip-N-Roll sign stand can put your message where it will be seen by all passers by. 48" tall sign post makes signs visible both to pedestrians and to drivers.

FAQs about the Tip-N-Roll Portable Sign Stand System from ADA Sign Depot

Q: What shape signs will the sign stand hold?
A: You can mount octagonal STOP signs, or diamond shape caution and warning signs, square or rectangular signs such as parking and guide signs. Signs can be as small as 9x12 or as large as 24x24.

Q: Is the base of the sign stand hollow/empty?
A: Yes, the base is hollow which allows you to add ballast (sand or water) to give the system added weight in windier conditions.

Q: How much does the system weight?
A: The shipping weight of the Tip-n-Roll sign system is 35 lbs. It ships in one package.

Q: How quickly does it ship? Where does it ship from?
A: We try to ship by the next business day. Sometimes it can take 1-2 business days to be shipped. The Tip-n-Roll system is shipped from the New York warehouse.

Q: Is it difficult to assemble the system?
A: It is very easy to assemble this portable sign stand. It takes only a couple of minutes to unpack and put together. You can do it without tools, just setting the post in the base and hand-tightening components. But for a tighter fit, it's best to use a hand tool (pliers, wrench, or similar).

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