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U-Channel Sign Posts and Portable Sign Stands

Sign Posts and Sign Stands from ADA Sign Depot

U-Channel Parking Sign Posts, Break-Away U-Channel Sign Posts and Portable Sign Stands from the Parking Sign Depot division of ADA Sign Depot

ADA Sign Depot offers U-channel sign posts in different weights, lengths and either green or galvanized finishes. While lightweight 6-foot sign posts may work in some situations, generally an 8-foot sign post will work in more situations. Lightweight (1.12 pounds per linear foot) sign posts are typically used for more temporary or ideal conditions and are not recommended for use in areas with heavy snowfall and plowing, or harsh weather conditions, including strong winds. Heavy-gauge 2-pounds per linear foot sign posts should be used in these conditions and in most general, permanent sign posting conditions.

General sign post guidelines: Depending on soil types/conditions, 1'-2' feet of a 6-foot or 8-foot sign post will need to be driven into the ground for stability. Extra-strength for resistance to high winds, snowfall or snow removal equipment and other local conditions can be gained by installing sign posts in a concrete footing. Signs mounted in a pedestrian path should have 80-inches of clearance from the bottom edge of the lowest mounted sign to the ground level. Sign posts used to mount Handicap parking signs reserving a parking space should be tall enough to allow the sign to be visible when a car is parked in that space. On u-channel signs posts, signs should be mounted with the channel side (i.e., the recess of the U shape) behind the sign.

For pricing on special order u-channel, square posts, and round/pipe sign posts: Email us at Note: Minimum order for special order sign posts is (5) posts. Parking Sign Depot can provide these special order sign posts: U-Channel sign posts in 4-foot, 7-foot, 10-foot, and 12-foot lengths. Square posts in 1.75 or 2-inch size, 12 or 14 gauge, and 8-foot, 10-foot and 12-foot lengths. Round or Pipe posts in 2-3/8 inch diameter and 8-foot, 10-foot or 12-foot lengths.