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California R100B Tow-Away Sign with Custom Towing Info Added

California R100B Tow-Away Sign - Typeset Towing Info Added to the Sign

  • $8995 $89.95

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Custom Towing Information Added to Official California R100B Tow-Away Signs

We will typeset the tow-away information you provide and digitally print it with outdoor rated inks on clear weather-proof adhesive material, then affix the information to your R100B Tow Away Sign.

PLEASE NOTE: California law requires any information added to this sign be in a one-inch letter height. We may have to edit the information you provide in order to comply with this letter height rule. In order to be fully compliant, the California R100B Tow-Away Sign must included at least a phone number (on line 2) the owner of a towed car can call to begin the process of reclaiming their towed vehicle.

NOTE: You can purchase this sign without having the towing information added. View and Order: R100B California Tow-Away Parking Signs Without Towing Information

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Typically if the parking lot owner is on contract with a towing company, that towing company's name goes on line one, and their telephone number on line 2. Often local law enforcement is the towing entity, and that name, address and phone number will be required. Also, some municipalities may require a local code or citation on this sign. As always, we advise you check with your local access compliance authority before ordering signs. Towed Vehicles May Be Reclaimed At (space for adding info in 1-inch letter height) Or By Telephone (space for adding phone number in 1-inch letter height) R100B (CA) Disabled Parking Tow-Away Sign DrawingR100B California Tow Away Sign Specifications

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