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What are all these Yellow Pads with Bumps on street corners?

Posted by ADA Sign Depot on Aug 30, 2013

What are all these Yellow Pads with Bumps on street corners? Sight Impaired People Use ADA Truncated Dome Pads for increased safety and independent mobility.So, yeah. Tell me. All those yellow pads with bumps on them. I see them on more and more street corners, and along train platforms, and on wheelchair ramp entrances to buildings. What are they? Who put them there? And why? What are they? Truncated domes. Who put them their? Truncated domes on public property were installed by a a federal, state or local government. On private property, the property owner installed the pads to bring...

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ADA Sign Depot Announces Direct Sales of Truncated Domes to Small Businesses Providing ADA Compliant Truncated Dome Pads for Wet or Dry Concrete Applications. 

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