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ADA Sign Depot Announces Direct Sales of Truncated Domes to Small Businesses

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August 28, 2013

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ADA Sign Depot Announces Direct Sales of Truncated Domes to Small Businesses

Providing ADA Compliant Truncated Dome Pads for Wet or Dry Concrete Applications

SAN DIEGO — August 1, 2013 — Today ADA Sign Depot announced immediate availability of their extensive product line of ADA Compliant Truncated Domes direct to corporate and individual buyers through its secure ecommerce website,

“The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) has required use of truncated dome detectible warnings since 2001. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is obligated to enforce the requirements, and State and local governments are required to apply the minimum design standards when constructing and altering pedestrian facilities,” explained David Boyne, sales manager at ADA Sign Depot, San Diego. “But small business owners, property managers and smaller contractors had a tough time finding reputable sources of truncated dome pads that did not require large minimum orders.”

With its nation-wide ecommerce web store already providing ADA compliant signs and related products to small businesses and property managers, ADA Sign Depot negotiated with top-tier manufacturers of truncated dome pads to make their products available directly to its customers without minimum order fees. “We’ve eliminated minimum orders,” Boyne said. “A small business can order just one fully ADA compliant truncated dome pad if that’s all they need. We carry dome pads for wet or dry concrete installation and in a wide assortment of colors necessary to comply with the required visual contrast rule. And most orders ship the next business day.”

Boyne added, “For orders over $95, we even pay for UPS Ground shipping anywhere in the continental United States.”

A Reputation for Consistent Excellence from ADA Sign Depot

Many customers have already indirectly benefited from compliant signs produced by ADA Sign Depot’s plant but sold through other sign companies for over 20 years. With the company’s new ecommerce website, for the first time consumers and corporate buyers have factory-direct access to stock and custom-made ADA compliant Braille and non-Braille signs.

“But with ADA accessibility becoming ever more critical, our goal is to provide the other ADA related products our customers also need. That’s why we offer code-compliant disabled parking signs, both National and California-specific. And it’s why we now provide required truncated domes direct to small businesses and property owners.” ADA Sign Depot carries truncated domes suitable for surface application on dry concrete as well as cast-in-place style dome pads installed when fresh concrete is being poured. “It’s important to have both options. New construction can use the cast-in-place pads,” Boyne explained. “And the surface applied, retro-fit style allow a small business, contractor or property manger to install ADA required truncated domes without having to demolish and remove concrete, then pour fresh concrete. The surface mounted or retro-fit pads are affixed with industrial adhesive and anchoring hardware that we include with every order.”

Information on Detectable Warnings (truncated domes)

Detectable warnings are an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirement in the current Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) for the use of detecting the boundary between the sidewalk and the street. Truncated domes are the only detectable warnings allowed by ADAAG. Grooves, exposed aggregate, and other designs intended for use as detectable warning are too similar to pavement textures, cracks and joints and are not considered equivalent facilitation. Truncated domes are a unique design and have proven to be the most detectable surface.

ADA Compliant Sign Availability

Consumers and corporate buyers can now access ADA Sign Depot’s new ecommerce store 24/7

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