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ADA Sign Depot Announces ADA Compliant Parking Signs and ADA Guide Signs Now Available Online

ADA Sign Depot

August 28, 2013

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ADA Sign Depot Announces ADA Compliant Parking Signs and ADA Guide Signs Now Available Online

SAN DIEGO — August 19, 2013 — Today ADA Sign Depot announced their full product lines of California compliant and Federally compliant ADA handicapped parking signs and ADA path-of-travel signs are available for direct online purchase by individuals, businesses and commercial property managers.

“We’ve added one of the oldest and largest California traffic safety firms as our key supplier of high-quality disabled parking signs. We have our parking signs made with 3M Engineer Grade Prismatic reflective sheeting on heavy-gauge, .080 thick aluminum. Then we go the extra-step of laminating the sign face with 3M 1160a protective film,” said David Boyne, sales manager at ADA Sign Depot, San Diego. “In the past, if a parking sign or a wheelchair accessible route sign was tagged by graffiti or defaced with labels, people had no choice but to buy and mount new signs. Now, if a parking sign from ADA Sign Depot gets tagged, our customers can simply use a mild detergent to wash away the graffiti. If vandals put labels on our signs, the 1160a laminate acts like Teflon. The labels can be peeled right off, with no damage to the sign face. This saves money, time, and the hassle of replacing vandalized parking signs.”

ADA Sign Depot keeps an inventory of California code compliant disabled parking signs, such as the R99C and R100B Tow-Away signs, and ADA guide signs, such as wheelchair ramp and wheelchair accessible path-of-travel signs. The goal is to make fast delivery the standard. Boyne said, “Our ecommerce website makes it easy. Any small business owner, property manager, corporate or individual buyer, can select and purchase the correct, legally compliant California or National handicapped parking signs they need. And we usually ship the same day or the next day.”

A Reputation for Consistent Excellence from ADA Sign Depot

These ADA parking signs and ADA guide signs are made of high-quality materials specified by the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices. Boyne explained, “We manufacture all our parking lot signs with the same high-quality materials, and to the same standards as our California-compliant and Federal MUTCD-compliant signs.” He added, “We make our custom parking and property management signs the same way. And we have no minimum order for custom signs. Whether you need just one sign, ten signs, or 100 signs.” Boyne added, “Business owners and property managers know how important their parking lot is. The parking lot, approaches, and entrances to your business are where customers, visitors and clients form their first impression. A well-organized and well-maintained parking lot makes a direct contribution to the bottom line. Using legally compliant handicapped parking signs and ADA guide signs is not only the law. It’s good business.”

ADA Compliant Parking Sign Availability

Consumers and corporate buyers can now access ADA Sign Depot’s new ecommerce store 24/7

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