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Touch Tour: Blind Theater Patrons Explore a Play's Stage Set

Posted by ADA Sign Depot on Jun 25, 2019

For those who are blind or have compromised vision, hearing is fine but touching is even better. Words merely explain. But touch can get at the soul of a thing. And what can touch reveal about a Broadway play?

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“There was not acceptance,” she told Time, “and in some instances there was anger that petite moi, little me, had indeed shattered the glass ceiling, had a scientific breakthrough.”

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MOSCOW — He can’t walk and can barely move his hands, but thanks to his sharp mind, a working finger and a red iPhone attached to his wheelchair, Aleksandr Gorbunov now ranks as one of the Kremlin’s most potent foes.

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An Interview with Michael Hingson, CEO of the Do More Foundation

Posted by ADA Sign Depot on May 07, 2019

Chances are you have heard the story of Roselle, the amazing Labrador retriever guide dog, who on September 11, 2001, patiently guided her blind handler, Michael Hingson, down 78 flights of stairs to life and safety, away from the crumbling World Trade Center. 

Learn more about the vibrant life Michael Hingson has been living, before, and after, 9/11.

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Posted by ADA Sign Depot on Apr 25, 2019

Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has been applauded online this week for sending a video message to a supporter while using American Sign Language (ASL), a move the recipient told Newsweek was a “huge moment for the deaf community.”

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