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American Sign Language Finds Its Spotlight

Posted by ADA Sign Depot on Mar 26, 2021

But one does not have to be online to witness this upsurge in Deaf content and sign language representation, itself both a part of and distinct from the groundswell of stories about differently abled people that have arisen over the last decade. After years on the margins, the Deaf community is experiencing a series of firsts: a Deaf contestant on the latest season of “The Bachelor”; Marvel’s debut Deaf superhero, Makkari, played by the Tony-nominated actress Lauren Ridloff in “The Eternals,” out later this year; and the record-breaking $25 million sale of the film “CODA,” short for Child of Deaf Adults, to Apple Studios after its rapturous reception at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. 

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Dick Hoyt, Who Ran Marathons While Pushing His Son, Dies at 80

Posted by ADA Sign Depot on Mar 24, 2021

“When my dad and I are out there on a run, a special bond forms between us,” Rick Hoyt told The New York Times in 2009 with the help of his computer voice program. “And it feels like there is nothing Dad and I cannot do.”

While they were most associated with the Boston Marathon, and became revered and inspirational figures in that city, the two completed more than 1,000 races, many in astonishingly fast times.

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Openhearted and authentic, “Feeling Through” was inspired by the director’s encounter with a deaf-blind man, which likely inspires the deep sense of tribute and affection that imbues the storytelling with its warmth and sympathy. In a world and time in history more isolated than ever, this heartfelt short has an unexpected resonance, reminding us of a simple yet profound truth that we sometimes are in danger of forgetting. We are here to help and hear one another, to feel more and see beyond ourselves. In doing so, we enlarge the scope of our lives, widen our horizons and expand our hearts.

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He Climbed 800 Feet Up a Skyscraper in a Wheelchair

Posted by ADA Sign Depot on Jan 23, 2021

Mr. Lai is a four-time winner of the Asian Rock Climbing Championship and once ranked eighth in the world in the sport. He became paralyzed from the waist down after a car accident nine years ago. Determined to keep climbing, he ascended Lion Rock, a steep mountain ridge that represents Hong Kong’s spirit of resilience amid adversity, in his wheelchair in 2016.

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Karen Killilea, 80, Dies; Turned Disability Into Triumph

Posted by ADA Sign Depot on Jan 05, 2021

The first, “Karen” (1952), showed how Karen and her family had worked to overcome the odds against her.

Among the glowing reviews for the book, which was translated into several languages, was this from Saturday Review: “Extraordinary is the word to be used first, last and repeatedly about this book. Anyone who meets Karen, even on paper, will postpone resigning from the human race.”

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