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Let’s fix our scandalous lack of public restrooms

Posted by ADA Sign Depot on Mar 12, 2021

The humorist Art Buchwald once recounted an increasingly desperate search for a toilet in Manhattan. He was turned down at an office building, a bookstore and a hotel, so he finally rushed into a bar and asked for a drink.

“What kind of drink?” the bartender replied.

“Who cares?” Buchwald answered. “Where’s the men’s room?”

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How to Use a Public Bathroom in a Pandemic

Posted by ADA Sign Depot on Oct 15, 2020

Using shared bathrooms at gas stations, train stations, rest stops and restaurants during long road trips is inevitable. But restrooms are typically small, poorly ventilated spaces — the exact type of environment public health experts say Americans should avoid to reduce the transmission of the novel coronavirus.

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Among those who cringe at the idea is Cheryl Bowlan, 69, who is moving from California to Portland, Ore., and will be driving the 12 hours with her husband. With all the planning and packing, she only recently realized she would have to use the public rest stops along the freeway. It left her just a little panicked.

"I woke up early one morning and all of a sudden, ding, it occurred to me. Ick! Nasty!!" she recalled. "There are hundreds of people going through there every day, and I didn't want to do that."

Experts say such fears are well-founded.

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A heartfelt note in an airport breast-feeding room

Posted by ADA Sign Depot on Jan 05, 2020

“It really does take moms working together to lift each other up and help each other out,” Stevens says. “I’m just so happy that I could be a small piece of that. Obviously it started with one or two notes, but hundreds of other moms have joined in.”

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North Carolina Reaches Settlement on ‘Bathroom Bill’

Posted by ADA Sign Depot on Jul 24, 2019

A federal judge in North Carolina approved a settlement on Tuesday that prohibits the state government from banning transgender people from using bathrooms in state buildings that match their gender identity, ending a yearslong legal battle that prompted a divisive cultural debate.

“The mark of H.B. 2 remains,” said Chase Strangio, a staff attorney with the A.C.L.U.’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and H.I.V. Project, which is involved in the case. “It’s not a full win. But it’s still a huge win for a community that has faced so much discrimination.”

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