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ADA Compliant Truncated Domes On Sale Now - Free Shipping Nationwide

ADA Sign Depot

April 26, 2019

ADA Compliant Truncated Domes On Sale Now - Free Shipping Nationwide - Self-Adhesive Style Truncated Domes Mats - Surface Applied Truncated Domes Tiles for Concrete - Flexible Urethane Truncated Domes Pads - Cast-in-Place Tiles for Wet Concrete Installation

Every product is American Made and ADA Compliant nationwide.

Products with a 3-foot dimension are compliant with California's regulations.

Self-Adhesive style truncated domes mats and Flexible Urethane style truncated domes pads are specifically compliant for Florida DOT requirements.

The use of truncated domes for visual and tactile warning under the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) touches all public-access property, whether public owned or privately owned. Local building inspectors or access specialists and inspectors should always be consulted before ordering truncated domes products. Inspectors will advise you on the style of truncated domes you will need, and specify the areas on your property that need to have these detectable warning products. These areas are typical in parking lots, near wheelchair ramps, at ground surface changes in pedestrian paths, where vehicle and pedestrian traffic intersect.

And did we mention that Every Order of Truncated Domes Gets Free Shipping?!

Truncated Domes on Sale from ADA Sign Depot

So whether you are in Florida or California, or any state between, ADA Sign Depot has the truncated domes you need to make your property or business ADA compliant.

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