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The MagWin USB Computer Screen Magnifier

ADA Sign Depot

September 14, 2013

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The MagWin USB Computer Screen Magnifier – Portable Vision Magnification and Enhancement for Any Windows Computer Screen

MagWin USB is able to install on any Windows compatible system without any software installation required making it a truly portable product.

MagWin is one of the only screen magnifiers that does not require administrator privileges to install the software and offers a handy USB. Now you can operate your magnifier anywhere, anytime, on any system you need when you need it with the handy USB stick. So now restrictions on public computers against granting installation rights is never a problem. There are times when you want to borrow a friends laptop when your out together or maybe you’re visiting your family and want to use their personal computer. Since it’s a very personal item sometimes others don’t want foreign software installed. MagWin solves this problem too! If you’ve ever been at a public library, at a friends home, and wanted to check e-mail or look up information on the web then you will appreciate the portability and how easy it is to use the MagWin USB.

Use your MagWin USB to access any windows compatible computer, just plug and go. Attach it to your key chain so it is ready to use in seconds. Easy to use and carry, no restrictions, no administrative privileges necessary, and no installation!

MagWin was designed and created by Clarix USA. Clarix manufactures all its products here in the United States of America. ADA Sign Depot is a distributor of Clarix vision enhancing products.

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