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Brushed Aluminum and Wood Laminate Signs from ADA Sign Depot

ADA Sign Depot

February 03, 2014

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Brushed Aluminum and Wood Laminate Signs from ADA Sign Depot: A Modern, Attractive Alternative to Standard Plastic ADA Signage

ADA Sign Depot announced their extensive product line of stock and custom ADA Compliant Brushed Aluminum and Wood Laminated Signage is available for factory-direct purchase by individuals, contractors, businesses and government agencies.

“While plastic ADA compliant signs are functional, many upscale offices, restaurants and retailers with modern well-designed interiors are looking for ADA signs that are attractive as well as fully compliant with the ADA laws,” said David Boyne, sales manager at ADA Sign Depot, San Diego.

“The signs we’ve developed combine two very different yet complementary elements, brushed aluminum and wood. We’ve added design features like channel grooves, and dozens of color choices for the tactile text. The result is beautiful ADA signs that actually enhance an office interior. Contractors, architects and designers have been thrilled with these handsome, yet fully ADA compliant Braille signs. It’s a great looking alternative for making restrooms, exits, entrances, stairs and room identification fully compliant with accessibility requirements.”

With a plant in Northern California dedicated to producing the new wood-aluminum ADA signage and a growing inventory of ADA signs and products in the San Diego office, the goal is to make fast delivery the standard. Boyne said, “Our secure ecommerce website allows contractors, small business owners, property managers and other corporate and individual buyers an fast and easy way to purchase these designer brushed aluminum Braille signs directly from our factory. They can get attractive, sophisticated signs that enhance their property and have complete confidence that the signs are fully compliant with ADA laws. They’re always impressed that we ship custom ADA sign in days, when other companies take weeks.”

Boyne added, “We make a lot of brushed aluminum and laminated wood ADA signs, both our standard designs and custom designs. This allows us to sell at fair prices and ship them almost as fast as our more generic plastic ADA signs.”

A Reputation for Consistent Excellence

Brushed aluminum and wood laminate ADA signs from ADA Sign Depot have been purchased for new office buildings, Universities, and fine retail stores and restaurants. “But we sell a lot of signs to small businesses where the owners or managers want to make their property fully compliant with accessibility laws, but really don’t want generic white and blue plastic signs. Now contractors and architects can offer their clients our brushed aluminum and wood laminated signs that match the interior designs of their properties,” said Boyne. “We also have the capability of printing full-color logos or design elements on our brushed aluminum signs, which really takes these signs above anything being done with traditional ADA signage.”

Boyne added, “Whether we make a sign using traditional acrylic plastics, or our brushed aluminum and wood signs, each sign we make is designed and manufactured to be fully ADA compliant. We have never had a sign rejected for incorrect layout or design, incorrect or misplaced Braille, wrong tactile lettering of symbols, or non-compliant materials.”

Wood laminate and brushed aluminum ADA Signs from ADA Sign Depot

Wood laminate and brushed aluminum ADA Signs from ADA Sign Depot

ADA Compliant Sign Availability

Consumers and business buyers can access ADA Sign Depot’s secure online store 24/7 at:

ADA Sign Depot offers a wide range of ADA signs and related products, including ADA and Title 24 compliant Restroom signs, Exit and Entrance signs, custom made ADA Braille signs in a wide variety of materials, truncated domes, and handicap parking signage.


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