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Tactile Bond & Seal Adhesive for Surface Mounted Truncated Domes Tiles

Tactile Bond & Seal Adhesive for Surface Mounted Truncated Domes Tiles

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Truncated Domes Tactile Bond and Seal Adhesive - Each Tube Seals up to One 3' x 5' Tile - Minimum Order of 3 Tubes

NOTE: Minimum order of 3 tubes

This powerful truncated domes adhesive is made by Access Tiles and is recommended for our Access Tiles surface mounted ADA tiles. It can also be used on other manufacturer's rigid surface style mounted tiles. It is only for mounting tiles on concrete, and is not for use on asphalt or other surfaces. Our unique self-adhesive (no additional adhesive required) power bonding surface applied truncated domes can be mounted on both concrete and asphalt.

Tactile Bond & Seal is a one component, 96% solids, fast cure, flexible, silicone free, rubber based, dual purpose adhesive/sealant. It is a moisture cured non-sag system. TACTILE BOND & SEAL provides a permanently elastic bond to most substrates.

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Truncated Domes Tactile Bond and Seal Adhesive - Technical Data MSDS

1. Fiberglass and fiber reinforced plastic, Tactile
Detectable Warning Panels
2. Concrete, masonry, stone and wood

1. One component, ready to use, fast cure
2. Odorless and particularly low volume shrinkage
3. Suitable for Marine applications - above and below
water line
4. Silicone free; paintable with most paints
5. UV stable, heat and moisture resistant
6. Broad adhesion spectrum to most substrates
7. Non-staining characteristics on stone substrates

(Specification ranges available upon request.)
Base: Polyurethane
Color: Gray
Viscosity: Paste extrusion grade
Weight/gallon: 9.8 pounds
Specific Gravity: 1.17
Temperature Range: -40 F to 200 F
Shelf Life: 12 months when stored in
original unopened container
under 80 F

(Samples aged 30 days at room temperature; pulled at 2
inches per minute)
Aluminum to aluminum 486
FRP to FRP 280
Plywood to plywood 336
Galvanized steel to galvanized steel 406
Galvanized to Kemlite 189
Stainless Steel to Stainless Steel (7 day RT aged) 236
(SS type 304-2B)

(Specification ranges available upon request.)
Tensile Strength after 30 days
at room temperature: 475 psi
Ultimate Elongation after
30 days at room temperature: 600%
Shore A Hardness after
30 days at room temperature: 35
UV Resistance: Very Good
Ozone Resistance: Excellent
Creep Resistance: Excellent
Sag Resistance: Excellent

Surfaces to be bonded should be cleaned of all dust, oils
or other contaminates. A solvent wipe is often
adequate. Bonds to rigid surfaces are usually
improved by a solvent wipe followed with light abrasion
(180 grit), and solvent wiping to remove abrasive
residue. Dry surfaces thoroughly before applying

TACTILE BOND & SEAL can be applied by ordinary
caulking guns. Apply a bead of TACTILE BOND &
SEAL to one surface at temperatures above 40 F.
Surface skin formation will occur in 40-60 minutes,
depending on ambient conditions. Initial set time is 4
hours, after which parts may be handled.
Clamping, taping or use of mechanical fasteners to hold
parts in place until TACTILE BOND & SEAL develops
strength is recommended. After 24 hours at room
temperature, the product is considered self-holding.
Strength build up is very fast in the early stages to give
high holding power, with continued strength build up
over time.

Toluene, Methyl Ethyl Ketone

Store in dark and cool place. Avoid excessive heat.
During storage, moisture and water should be avoided.
Reaction with moisture or water will cause quality
deterioration, but will not be hazardous. For industrial
use only.

Disposal should be made by incineration or in
accordance with applicable governmental regulations

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NOTE: This truncated domes adhesive is NOT recommended for flexible urethane ADA pads. Those flexible pads require a proprietary sealant that we include with every order. (Note: The flexible urethane dome pads can only be mounted on concrete surfaces. For mounting these flexible pads on asphalt, the manufacturer recommends this product: ULTRABOND G19. Ultrabond G19 is usually available at Home Depot, Lowes or online stores selling urethane flooring adhesives.)

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