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Flexible Urethane ADA Compliant Truncated Dome Pads

Urethane Truncated Domes ADA Pads from ADA Sign Depot

Urethane Truncated Domes ADA Compliant Pads with Adhesive and Anchoring Hardware

Flexible surface applied urethane truncated domes pads made by UltraTech offer advantages not found in rigid paving tiles made of ceramics, fiberglass or other composites. The urethane material of these ADA pads, reinforced for even more strength and durability, provides a flex that allows them to be applied to slightly irregular surfaces, as well as on inclines/declines in ground level. With the base of the pad (below the domes) only .45" in height, and beveled edges, these ADA pads have a lower profile than many other surface mounted truncated domes. (For virtually zero trip hazard, check out our self-adhesive ADA pads which are only 2mm thick.) These urethane ADA pads can be cut in the field, using a power saw, allowing for a perfect fit when installing, including radius curves and fitting around pillars or other structural forms. (NOTES: 1. California requires a minimum 3-foot depth for truncated domes. Select your sizes accordingly. 2. This product meets Florida FDOT #304 regulations.)

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