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Recovering from Winter Damage to Parking Lots, Pedestrian Paths, and Building Entrances

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March 07, 2014

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Recovering from Winter Damage to Parking Lots,

Spring Cleanup for Your Business and Property Includes ADA Sign Depot’s Handicap Parking and Guide Signs for Parking Lots, Paths of Travel, and Building Entrances

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SAN DIEGO — March 7, 2014 — As one of the harshest winters on record begins to recede, business owners and property managers are seeing the extent of weather damage to their parking lots, pedestrian paths of travel, and building entrance signage. ADA Sign Depot knows from the calls, emails and queries it receives every day, that many businesses are not just replacing battered parking signs, but assessing how to improve the first impression visitors and customers form of their office buildings, shopping malls, retail stores and hospitals.

Heavy-gauge reflective aluminum parking signs and ADA guide signs from ADA Sign Depot are rated for ten-plus years of outdoor service. With the correct handicap parking signage for your state, and both stock or custom ADA compliant guide signs to direct visitors and customers along pedestrian paths toward building entrances, ADA Sign Depot has what you need to spruce up your property and be in ADA compliance.

“Your parking lot, and the paths of travel from the parking areas to the entrances of your business are the first things your customers see,” said David Boyne, sales manager at ADA Sign Depot, San Diego. “It’s a great idea to once in a while take a walk around your parking lots. Walk from there to your business. See it the way a person not familiar with the place would see it. Can they find parking easily? Can they find their way to entrances easily? Can a person in a wheelchair know how to access your business or how to ask for assistance? Would some guide signs be helpful?”

Smart business owners, big or small, know that their parking lot has a direct impact on their bottom line. Professionally made ADA parking signs and guide signs make a great first impression, and they last for many years. And, while correct handicap parking signs and ADA guide signs are required by law, these signs work for all of us, helping not just those of us using wheelchairs.

A Reputation for Consistent Excellence

With a large inventory of ADA parking lot signs for Federal, California and every other state with its own design, ADA Sign Depot can often ship an order the same or next day. “Wayfinding signage is important,” Boyne said. “Professionally made ADA compliant signs let people know where to park, what path takes them to the entrance of the store or business they want to visit, and also directs persons with disabilities to wheelchair accessible paths, ramps and entrances. But every environment, every layout, is unique. That’s why our customers are often looking for custom ADA parking signs, and custom ADA guide sign, both indoor and outdoor.”

In recent years, lawsuits and negative publicity have caused more business owners and property managers to devote their attention to making sure the stores, offices and other businesses they operate are in compliance with state and federal ADA laws. ADA Sign Depot strives to be a one-stop source for accessibility signs and products, from Braille restroom signs to stairwell signage, to truncated domes for ramps, curbs and entrances.

“We’ve built our secure ecommerce website to be easy to find what you need and order it.” Boyne said. “We want busy contractors, small business owners, property managers and other corporate and individual buyers to be able to order ADA signs and products fast and easy with reliable delivery. A lot of our customers tell us how impressed they are that we ship custom made ADA signs in days, when other companies take weeks.”

ADA Compliant Sign Availability

Consumers and business buyers can access ADA Sign Depot’s secure online store 24/7 at:

ADA Sign Depot offers a wide range of ADA signs and related products, including ADA and Title 24 compliant Restroom signs, Exit and Entrance signs, custom made ADA Braille signs in a wide variety of materials, truncated domes, and handicap parking signs and wheelchair symbol stencils.


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