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Free Clarix USA Apps to Help People with Low Vision

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September 21, 2013

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Free Phone Apps from Clarix for People with Low Vision

These Low Vision Apps are all free!  They have been created with the Low Vision person in mind.  Featuring easy to use interfaces and large type, these apps will make your phone easier to use.

The iCam Magnifier from Clarix

iCam is a low vision magnifier and reader for your iPhone or iPad. 

It features 5 high-contrast false color modes, as well as black and white, and color. If you struggle with reading, iCam can help magnify printed text. With an optional light, use it in dim lit rooms, restaurants, home, etc. It can be used to read menus, receipts, pill bottles, and virtually anything.

iCam will also read your printed text.  It takes a picture and then converts it to spoken text.  It uses state of the art OCR technology.

Developed by Clarix, a leader in low vision products, iCam features an easy to use interface. Use iCam whenever you need visual assistance.

– Variable magnification
– Contrast enhancement
– Pinch zoom magnification
– False colors – Inverse, Yellow/Blue, Yellow/Black, Blue/White, Green/Black.
– Full Color mode
– Enhanced Black and White mode
– Optional Light

The Voice IT App from Clarix USA

Is it difficult to read your phone when you have an incoming phone call, text, or email? 

Voice IT will read to you text messages, incoming phone calls, voicemail alerts, K9 Mail, Twidroyd, etc.  Advanced settings allow you to choose an appropriate ringtone alert, repeat the message, and what is being read.  For privacy, a separate discreet mode is available when headphones are plugin.

Find IT

Need to find something on your phone and quickly launch it?  No need to fumble to find a website, contact, song, or app.  Use Find IT.  Start typing and Find IT will show you what you commonly used.  Find anything on your phone quickly and easily.  It remembers your favorite items and search history.  Featuring large type.


LARGE Timer is a simple countdown timer for low vision people.  It has a very simple interface and a large display.  Use it for any timed event or as an alarm.

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