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CA ADA FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions about ADA Laws in California)

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October 26, 2013

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Just the FAQs: ADA Compliance in California - California ADA Compliance

From disabled parking to building entrance and exit issues, to ADA guide signs, room identification and just a whole lot of other stuff, an excellent source is the blog of Ashdown Architecture, Inc.

The folks at Ashdown Architecture have put a lot of time, thought and energy into sharing a great deal of their expertise —Free for anyone who visits their site. We suggest you do.

A good staring point for business or property owners or managers in California might be their FAQs page (Frequently Asked Questions).

Here’s the introduction so you can decide if you want to click the link below and read more:

For many business and property owners, the requirements for accessibility compliance in California can appear to be complicate to the point of being completely overwhelming.  While many people understand that their business or property that’s open tot he public, needs to comply with the ADA, few if any know what the specific requirements for accessibility compliance are, let alone how the codes and laws apply to their business or property.  To help business and property owners understand the requirements and their responsibilities for accessibility compliance, we have prepared the following frequently asked questions that address accessibility compliance issues in California…

To read more, click:

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