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ADA Sign Depot has developed ADA Compliant Signs made with Bamboo

ADA Sign Depot

August 28, 2013

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ADA Sign Depot has developed Eco-Boo® ADA Compliant Signs: ADA Braille Signs for Restrooms, Exits and Entrances, Room Name and Room Number signs and More

Eco-Boo®: ADA Compliant Braille Signs. Beautiful signs, naturally.

ADA Sign Depot offers a full product line of ADA Complaint Restroom Signs and ADA Compliant Braille signage in compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). Eco-Boo® ADA Compliant signs are made of bamboo, a fast-growing, renewable and recyclable product, instead of oil-based non-recyclable plastics. There is no reason to buy ugly plastic earth-hurting ADA signs any longer! Eco-Boo™ ADA compliant Braille signs are beautiful signs, naturally.

Eco-Boo®: ADA Compliant Braille Signs. Beautiful signs, naturally. (now, is the one source for purchasing ADA Compliant Eco-Boo™ Signs, ADA Compliant Exit and Entrance Signs, ADA Compliant Restroom Signs, ADA Access Guide Signs, and Property Management Signs, including Luminescent (glow-in-the-dark) ADA signs. We build our signs from Earth friendly, LEED friendly, high-grade, full grain bamboo wood. Beautiful signs, naturally.

Why Bamboo ADA Signs?

Green— Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant you can use to reforest an area. It produces 35% more oxygen than an equally sized area of trees.

Sustainable— Unlike trees, which need to be cut down, bamboo can be harvested without damaging the original plant, and it then regenerates in three to five years. No 30-year-long wait for your reforestation. Bamboo is essentially a grass, and it grows far faster than trees–some varieties of bamboo can grow four feet in a day. For a lumber harvester, the yield can be 25 times what you’d get from regular old trees.

Strong: Bamboo is harder than maple yet lighter than oak, and the tensile strength of bamboo is comparable to steel.

Plentiful: A stand of bamboo can generate around 200 poles in five years–the same length of time it takes one tree to grow big enough to cut down.

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