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ADA Sign Depot Adds Live Chat Customer Service

ADA Sign Depot

May 13, 2014

ADA Sign Depot logo Provides Online Chat Customer Service On Its Internet Store

SAN DIEGO — May 15, 2014 — ADA Sign Depot announced the addition of live chat customer service to their online store providing stock and custom ADA Compliant Signs and Products nationwide.

“With all the regulations and the conflicting information in the world of ADA signs and products, people definitely have a lot of questions,” said David Boyne, sales manager at ADA Sign Depot, San Diego. “With our new live online chat service, anyone on our website can ask questions directly and get fast answers. Whether they want to know about our Braille signs or the various truncated domes we offer, or the handicap parking signs that would be legal in their state, they can get fast answers while they’re shopping on our website.”

Working with plants in southern and northern California manufacturing ADA Braille signage and parking signs, and utilizing the resources of American manufacturers of truncated domes from Florida to New York to California, ADA Sign Depot has become a mainline supplier for small and large building contractors, property managers, schools and municipalities. “The goal is to have the products they need and to make fast delivery the standard,” Boyne explained. “Our secure ecommerce website is the hub with many suppliers providing the more than 700 signs and products we offer. Not to mention the custom signs we make in our California locations, both ADA compliant Braille signs and MUTCD compliant reflective parking and wayfinding signs.”

Boyne added, “We have customer service available by phone and email, but having the added ability to connect with us while actually shopping on our website gives people an efficient way to get their questions answered and make their purchasing decisions with confidence. Using online chat software enables them to tell us their situation, describe what they are looking for, and then we can make suggestions, and even direct them to a particular page on our website so they can see a product that would solve their particular compliance issue, whether its getting their parking lot up to code or getting the right restroom door signs for California, or finding luminescent Braille Exit signs required by New York State.”

A Reputation for Consistent Excellence

With hundreds of ADA signs and products to choose from, in materials like acrylic plastic, bamboo, or brushed aluminum and wood laminates, the new live chat feature on is one more way customers can access the signs they need without delay. “We work a lot with contractors, builders and property managers,” Boyne said. “They don’t have time to waste. They tell us what their problem is and we direct them to solutions. More and more small business owners and smaller property managers are now calling on us for assistance. With the compliance related lawsuits in California and other states targeting small business owners of retail stores and restaurants, people are looking for ways to bring their public access property into compliance. Their neighborhood sign shop usually is not going to be able to help. They typically do not have the materials, machinery and expertise to make ADA compliant signs. Our internet store is open 24/7 and allows small business owners from Los Angeles to North Dakota to Sarasota, Florida to order the signs they need in just minutes and receive shipment in a few days. Of course, when they have an inspection deadline, our stock signs can be delivered overnight.”

Boyne added, “Each sign we make is designed and manufactured to be fully ADA compliant. We have never had a sign rejected for incorrect layout or design, incorrect or misplaced Braille, wrong tactile lettering of symbols, or non-compliant materials.”

ADA Compliant Sign Availability

Consumers and business buyers can access ADA Sign Depot’s secure online store 24/7 at:

ADA Sign Depot offers a wide range of ADA signs and related products, including ADA and Title 24 compliant Restroom signs, Exit and Entrance signs, custom made ADA Braille signs in a wide variety of materials, truncated domes, and handicap parking signage.


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