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ADA Exit Sign with Running Person Symbol in LaserGlow

ADA Exit Sign - 12" x 4" - Tactile Pictogram, Text and Braille

  • $74.95 $74.95

Text/Symbol Color
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ADA Exit Sign with Running Person Pictogram, Tactile Text and Braille - 12" x 4" - LaserGlow

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LaserGlow ADA Exit Sign with Running Person Pictogram

  • LaserGlow meets ADA non-glare matte finish requirement
  • LaserGlow material is 1/16" thick, which is thinner than standard ADA signs
  • We use ADA compliant font and tactile (1/32 inch raised) letters and/or pictograms
  • Our luminous signs are ADA compliant for size and letter height
  • We use Federal and California ADA compliant California Grade 2 Braille. Note: The use of California standards for Braille satisfies both Federal and California regulations, allowing a single dot configuration for all Braille signs nationwide.)
LaserGlow exceeds the photoluminescent standards set by many municipalities and organizations, including New York City Local Law 26. LaserGlow is a non-radioactive chemical light source in a flexible plastic substrate. ADA Signs made of LaserGlow will glow in total darkness after exposure to light, making LaserGlow ADA compliant signs from an ideal choice for exit, emergency, fire evacuation and ADA wayfinding signage.

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