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ADA Compliant Exit Sign with Tactile Text and Grade 2 Braille

ADA Exit Signs - 5"x3" - ADA Compliant Exit Sign

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ADA Compliant Tactile Braille Exit Signs from ADA Sign Depot

The white wording on blue base, and the white wording on black base, versions of this ADA compliant Exit sign are in stock for same or next day shipping.

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This Braille EXIT sign is in ADA compliance in all states, including California. While some architects and planners may specify a larger size for exit signs, this 5" x 3" size meets all requirements. This is because the Americans with Disabilities Act sign specifications, with some exceptions, such as the International Symbol of Accessibility, regulates the elements of the sign, not the size of the sign. The Braille, tactile text and pictograms, layout and spacing of these elements must adhere to strict ADA specifications so that the signs can be easily interacted with by persons who may be sighted, sight-impaired, or persons having other disabilities.

ADA Tactile Braille Exit Signs from ADA Sign Depot

  • ADA compliant non-glare matte finish
  • ADA compliant font and tactile (1/32 inch raised) letters
  • ADA compliant 5x3 size, layout, and 1-inch letter height
  • ADA compliant California domed Grade 2 Braille
  • Our high-quality yet economically priced acrylic resin ADA Exit Signs are guaranteed to pass inspections performed by California Certified Access Specialists or your money back.
  • Mounting ADA Signs: While we include foam tape on the back side of our signs, we recommend ADA signs always be mounted using either fasteners or a construction grade silicone adhesive, such as Lexel. For signs larger than 6" x 6" the foam tape we provide is intended only as an aid for positioning the sign while using fasteners or adhesive for mounting. For correct positioning and mounting heights, view or download our ADA Sign Mounting Guide

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Our guiding principle in designing our ADA compliant signage is to make the signs as large as they need to be to comply with all regulations, but no larger. Of course, we can and do make Exit signs and all other signs to meet any size requirements of our customers. Experience has taught that most businesses and property managers seek to be fully compliant, but they do not want large, intrusive signage detracting from the design and appearance of their stores, offices and properties. Nothing looks more inappropriate, and even appears to be an error in design and manufacturing, than to have a great deal of empty, unnecessary, unused space on what should be a functional Exit sign. After all, in good design, form follows function.

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DSA ─ 2011 CALIFORNIA ACCESS COMPLIANCE REFERENCE MANUAL 51 SECTION 1011 EXIT SIGNS 1011.3 Tactile exit signs. For the purposes of Section 1011.3, the term "tactile exit signs" shall mean those required signs that comply with Section 1117B.5.1, Item 1. Tactile exit signs shall be required at the following locations:

1. Each grade-level exterior exit door shall be identified by a tactile exit sign with the word, "EXIT"

2. Each exit door that leads directly to a grade-level exterior exit by means of a stairway or ramp shall be identified by a tactile exit sign with the following words as appropriate: A. "EXIT STAIR DOWN" B. "EXIT RAMP DOWN" C. "EXIT STAIR UP" D. "EXIT RAMP UP"

3. Each exit door that leads directly to a grade-level exterior exit by means of an exit enclosure that does not utilize a stair or ramp, or by means of an exit passageway, shall be identified by a tactile exit sign with the words, "EXIT ROUTE"

4. Each exit access door from an interior room or area that is required to have a visual exit sign, shall be identified by a tactile exit sign with the words, "EXIT ROUTE"

5. Each exit door through a horizontal exit shall be identified by a tactile exit sign with the words, "TO EXIT"

While this ADA Braille Exit Sign is intended for indoor use, it's Rowmark acrylic materials are rated as Outdoor Weatherable:

Outdoor weatherability is the ability of plastic engraving material to withstand exterior weathering conditions. Rowmark ADA Alternative Substrate & Applique, Textures, Lacquers, Slickers, Ultra-Mattes Front & Reverse materials designated as "outdoor weatherable" are designed to withstand average conditions and temperatures for up to 5 years without significant degradation. Although no specific life can be designated to any product, Rowmark recognizes that under reasonable/normal weather conditions the material will not break down physically. Materials may become brittle and some discoloration or fading will occur when used in harsher environments or exposed for extended periods of time.

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