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Gender Neutral Restroom ADA Signs with Tactile Text and Braille

Gender Neutral Restroom Tactile Text and Braille ADA Signs - 9"x4"

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Gender Neutral Restroom ADA Signs with Tactile (raised) Letters and Grade 2 Braille - 8" x 4"

This Gender Neutral Restroom Sign with No Symbols, but with tactile letters, and Braille meets the minimum requirement for a wall-mounted AB-1732 compliant single-occupant restroom. Along with this sign, there should be a compliant restroom door sign mounted on the door. If a door with without symbols is used, it would be the T24-1014 Restroom Door Sign. If you preferred a sign with symbols, the T24-1003 Restroom Door Sign would be an option. Please consult with any inspectors on your project, or your local building code authority.

What does it mean for an ADA sign to be "tactile"? As you might guess, tactile is about touch. Tactile letters and/or symbols on a sign are slightly raised, or higher, than the base of the sign. ADA regulations specify that tactile letters need to be 1/32" higher than the base of the sign. While some blind and sight-impaired persons may read Braille, many others will interact with a sign by touching and tracing the tactile lettering. The Americans with Disabilities Act seeks to increase accessibility for all Americans, and to that end, the regulations for ADA signage address many issues to assist all Americans, not only Americans with disabilities. 

Gender Neutral Braille Restroom ADA Signage

  • Non-glare matte finish
  • Tactile (1/32 inch raised) Symbols and Text
  • Grade 2 Braille
  • Our high-quality yet economically priced Gender Neutral Bathroom Signs are guaranteed to pass inspections performed by California Certified Access Specialists, or your money back.
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