ADA Elevator Doorjamb Floor Number or Floor Letter Sign - 4" x 4" - Tactile Brushed Aluminum Numbers with Clear Braille on Black Acrylic Sign

ADA Elevator Floor Number Sign - 4" x 4" - Brushed Aluminum Numbers
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Elevator Doorjamb Floor Number or Floor Letter Braille Sign with Brushed Aluminum Number on Black Acrylic Plastic Base

NOTE: This sign should be ordered in pairs. Two identical signs per floor. Reason: It is required that the door jamb floor number sign be mounted both on the left side--and the right side--of the elevator. This is so that a person exiting or entering the elevator from the left or right side would be able to interact with this ADA Braille sign and know what floor they are on.

Typically ships in 3-5 days. Please Note: A white on black background color scheme is typically required for this sign. This brushed aluminum numbers on an acrylic resin black backer provides an upscale, sophisticated option. We strongly advise that you confirm with your ADA inspector that this sign will be acceptable to them.

You can also place your order for custom ADA Brushed Aluminum Elevator Signs by phone. Call us: 858.385.9095. We will determine the optimum way to make the signs you need, including any quantity discounts or special pricing that may apply. We will answer any question you may have, write up the order for you, email the receipt to you, and put your order into production, notifying you when the order is shipped.

ADA Elevator Door Jamb Tactile Braille Floor Number Sign with Brushed Aluminum Numbers:

  • ADA compliant non-glare black matte finish
  • ADA compliant font and tactile (1/32 inch raised) brushed aluminum Star/Numbers
  • ADA compliant 4x4 size and 2-inch letter height
  • ADA compliant California domed Grade 2 Braille (The use of California standards for braille satisfies both Federal and California regulations, allowing a single dot configuration for all braille signs nationwide.)
  • Our ADA signs come with foam mounting tape. However, ADA signs, and especially ADA signs larger than 8”x8”, including ADA stairwell signage and restroom door signs, should be mounted using mechanical fasteners (hardware), or a silicone adhesive such as Lexel Caulk.
  • This ADA sign can be ordered with pre-drilled 3/16" mounting holes. Choose regular mounting holes, or counter-sunk mounting holes. Signs with drilled holes ship in 5-7 business days. Mounting hardware is not included with signs. Mounting hardware suitable for whatever surface material you will be mounting your signs on can be purchased at Home Depot, Lowes, or other hardware suppliers. ADA Signs with made to order drilled holes are not returnable for refund.
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1116B.1.14 Doorjamb marking

Passenger elevator landing jambs on all elevator floors shall have the number of the floor on which the jamb is located designated by raised characters that are a minimum of 2 inches (51 mm) in height and conform to Section 1117B.5.5 located 60 inches (1524 mm) on center above the floor on the jamb panels on both sides of the door so that they are visible from within the elevator

On the main entry level, a raised five-pointed star shall be placed to the left of the raised character. The outside diameter of the star shall be 2 inches (51 mm) ) and all points shall be of equal length

Raised characters, including the star, shall be white on a black background. Contracted (Grade 2) Braille complying with Section 1117B.5.6 shall be placed below the corresponding raised characters and the star

The Braille translation for the star shall be “MAIN”. The raised characters shall otherwise comply with Sections 1117B.5.2 and 1117B.5.3. See Figure 11B-40C. Permanently applied plates are acceptable if they are permanently fixed to the jambs

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Elevator Doorjamb Floor Number Braille Sign - 4" x 4"
Availability: Usually ships in 5-7 business days
Elevator Doorjamb Floor Number Braille Sign - 4" x 4" ADA-1169
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