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Inclusive Bathroom Signs with All Genders and Wheelchair Symbols

All Inclusive Transgender Wheelchair Access Bathroom Signs - 8" x 8"

  • $119.95 $119.95

Dark Brown
Custom Color
Black Ships in 4-7 Business Days

Gender Neutral Symbol and Wheelchair Accessible Symbol Bathroom Signs on Brushed Aluminum with Tactile Text and Braille - 8" x 8"

This Inclusive Gender Neutral and Wheelchair Accessible Restroom ADA Sign is used by businesses that want their employees, customers, and visitors to feel welcome and not discriminated against. Rather than singling out certain groups or individuals and attempting to exclude them, American businesses from Starbucks to Target, churches, schools and public facilities are supporting non-discriminatory practices that respect individual rights and privacy. We think that's great. Our only bathroom law is the one mom taught us: Just remember to wash your hands.

Our BAL-1172 brushed aluminum Inclusive Restroom sign is available with custom alternative wording up to 10 characters/spaces. Braille will always reflect wording on the sign. Possible alternative wording includes:

Gender Neutral Symbols Restroom ADA Signage

  • Non-glare matte finish
  • Tactile (1/32 inch raised) Symbols and Text
  • Grade 2 Braille
  • Brushed aluminum gender neutral bathroom signs from ADA Sign Depot are an attractive, upscale alternative to generic ADA signage.

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Who Benefits from Gender Neutral Bathrooms?

  • People who are uncomfortable in men's or women's rooms for many reasons; for example, people who are not women or men and/or people who are gender nonconforming
  • Parents/caregivers whose children are a different gender from them
  • People with caregivers or personal attendants who are a different gender from them
  • Other people may also benefit specifically from single-occupancy bathrooms, such as people who are extremely introverted, people who are breastfeeding or have other needs for privacy, and so on
Resources on Gender Neutral Bathrooms
  • Gender neutral bathroom 101 and FAQ from Portland Community College
  • "Transgender People Need Safe Restrooms," a Huffington Post article by Mason Davis, Executive Director of the Transgender Law Project
  • Toilet Training, a 30-minute documentary video on the need for safe bathrooms for all, from Tara Mateik and the Sylvia Rivera Law Project
  • Our brushed aluminum ADA signs are crafted from high-quality grained, matte finished acrylic to give the look of metal without the high cost, heavy weight, and non-compliant glare.

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