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All Gender Wheelchair Accessible Restroom Signs in Brushed Aluminum

All Gender Accessible Bathroom Brushed Aluminum ADA Signs - 8" x 9"

  • $119.95 $119.95

Text/Symbol Color
Dark Brown
Custom Color
Black Ships in 4-7 Business Days

All Gender Wheelchair Accessible Restroom Signs in Brushed Aluminum with Tactile Text, Symbols and Braille - 8" x 9"

States, schools, churches and private businesses are increasingly adopting all gender signage for restrooms. ADA Sign Depot has been making gender neutral ADA bathroom signs for years, and continues to develop new designs for use in professional, retail, scholastic and other environments.

Our BAL-1166 All Gender Restroom brushed aluminum sign is available with custom alternative wording up to 20 characters/spaces. Braille will always reflect wording on the sign. Possible alternative wording includes:
"Unisex Restroom"
"Unisex Bathroom"

5 Star Review of ADA Sign DepotDoug
"My ordering process online was informative and helpful. I was able to make my decisions very quickly. Delivery was timely and I received what I was after. When I did call they responded very quickly and took care of my problem very promptly. I would not hesitate to recommend them at all."

All Gender Restroom ADA Signage in Brushed Aluminum

  • Non-glare matte silver finish
  • Tactile (1/32 inch raised) Symbols and Text
  • Grade 2 Braille
  • High-quality hand-made brushed aluminum ADA signs from ADA Sign Depot are an attractive alternative to generic blue plastic signs in upscale settings.
Who Benefits from Gender Neutral Bathrooms?
  • People who are uncomfortable in men's or women's rooms for many reasons; for example, people who are not women or men and/or people who are gender nonconforming
  • Parents/caregivers whose children are a different gender from them
  • People with caregivers or personal attendants who are a different gender from them
  • Other people may also benefit specifically from single-occupancy bathrooms, such as people who are extremely introverted, people who are breastfeeding or have other needs for privacy, and so on
Our brushed aluminum ADA signs are crafted from high-quality grained, matte finished acrylic to give the look of metal without the high cost, heavy weight, and non-compliant glare.

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