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Restroom Sign with Tactile Letters and Braille in Brushed Aluminum

Restroom Braille ADA Sign - Brushed Aluminum - 8"x3"

  • $64.95 $64.95

Text/Symbol Color
Dark Brown
Custom Color
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Restroom Signs on 1/8" Thick Brushed Aluminum Base- California AB 1732 Compliant for Single-Occupant All Gender Restrooms

This Restroom Braille Sign is the minimum required under California AB 1732 for Single-Occupant All Gender Restrooms. For compliance with California law, this No Gender Specified Restroom Sign is mounted on the wall adjacent to the strike side of the restroom door. And a California Title 24 compliant sign must also be mounted on the restroom door. (For example, our T24-1014 restroom door sign.)

Click to view/download ADA/California Restroom Door sign mounting instructions.

Download California Division of State Architect Bulletin BU 17-01: Identification of Single User Toilet Facilities as All Gender IDENTIFICATION OF ALL GENDER SINGLE-USER TOILET FACILITIES Compliant with the California Building Code (CBC) Chapter 11B
EXHIBIT A - Door Symbol (required by the CBC)
This image represents the door symbol that is required by CBC 11B-216.8 to identify an all-gender/unisex single-user toilet facility. The symbol must comply with the requirements of CBC 11B-703. No pictogram, text, or braille is required on the symbol.

T24-1014 California Unisex All Gender Restroom Door Sign
EXHIBIT B - Designation sign on wall
Designation signs are not required to be provided by the CBC or the 2010 ADAS. If provided, a designation sign adjacent to the door must comply with the scoping requirements of CBC 11B-216.2, and the technical requirements for raised characters (CBC 11B-703.2), braille (CBC 11B-703.3), visual characters (CBC 11B-703.5), and requirements for installation height and location (CBC 11B-703.4). No pictogram is required. The following signs illustrate acceptable examples for designation sign text:
California Restroom Signs for AB-1732

Single-User Restroom Sign - Tactile Letters and Braille - Brushed Aluminum

  • ADA compliant non-glare matte finish
  • ADA compliant font and tactile (1/32 inch raised) letters
  • ADA compliant size and letter height
  • ADA compliant California domed Grade 2 Braille (The use of California standards for braille satisfies both Federal and California regulations, allowing a single dot configuration for all braille signs nationwide.)
  • Our high-quality yet economically priced California AB-1732 single-occupant restroom signs are guaranteed to pass inspections performed by California Certified Access Specialists--or your money back.
Our brushed aluminum ADA signs are crafted from high-quality grained, matte finished acrylic to give the look of metal without the high cost, heavy weight, and non-compliant glare.

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