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ADA & California Compliant Truncated Domes for California Cities, Contractors, Shopping Centers, Schools, and Large Projects

ADA Compliant Truncated Domes for California Cities, Contractors, Shopping Centers and Other Large Projects

Are you a California municipality, contractor, school or private property owner with an upcoming project requiring ADA and California compliant truncated domesto cover 500 square feet or more of surface area?
Then consider these benefits of working with ADA Sign Depot:
  • Free Consultation. Our truncated domes manufacturer's representative will come to your office, meet with you and your team, and personally inspect the construction site, free of charge
  • Custom Proposal. Within 48 hours you will receive our custom recommendations for best product/installation options addressing all requirements for your project. If for any reason our company or products are not the best choice for your project, we will tell you directly. Whenever possible, we will refer you to other companies that may possibly offer the best solution for your project
  • Tap into our manufacturer's depth of knowledge and experience for free. When you choose ADA Sign Depot for your project, our manufacturer will provide free training to your staff for managing the installation, saving you time, going through a bidding process, eliminating possible insurance considerations, and ensuring you have full control over the quality and timing of your project.
  • Free referrals. If you choose, we can also provide you with a list of licensed, experienced, independent contractors you can contact and interview to hire to preform the installation.
  • Superior Array of ADA/CA Compliant Products. A wide product line offering truncated domes and ADA pads for covering concrete and asphalt surfaces, and installation techniques that will best fit the size, surfaces, and structural challenges of your project.
  • Made in California. Our manufacturer is headquartered here in Southern California with a plant using only American materials and workers to produce the finest all truncated domes products made in America.

    A New and Proven Technology for Truncated Domes Created and Manufactured in California for California

    Created patented field test over 5 years...