ADA Wheelchair Accessible Entrance Sign - 12x18 - Reflective Heavy-Gauge Aluminum Handicap Parking Lot Signs from ADA Sign Depot

Accessible Entrance ADA Guide Signs - 12" x 18" - Optional Arrow
Accessible Entrance ADA Guide Signs - 12" x 18" - Optional Arrow
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American Made ADA Signs, Parking Signs, and Truncated Domes from ADA Sign Depot

ADA Handicap Entrance Sign with Arrow - 12x18 - Heavy-Gauge Reflective Aluminum Handicapped Parking Signs with Weather and Graffiti Protection Rated for 10-Plus Years Outdoor Use

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Use this Wheelchair Accessible Entrance guide sign to direct customers and visitors to the ADA accessible entrances of your business or property. Fully outdoor rated for over a decade, this guide sign can direct people from parking lots or along accessible paths of travel to ramp or otherwise accessible entrances. Sign comes with 3M 1160a anti-weather and anti-graffiti lamination to protect against tagging or vandal defacement. Even labels placed on this lamination will peel away, leaving the sign face undamaged. Spray paints can be washed off using any mild detergent such as Simple Green. For additional security anti-vandal hardware can be purchased to secure the sign against theft.

ADA Wheelchair Entrance Signs from ADA Sign Depot:

  • Rated for 10-Plus Years Outdoor Service Without Fading
  • Engineer Grade Prismatic Reflective Sign Face
  • Heavy-Gauge .080 Rust-Free Aluminum
  • Pre-Drilled Holes for Easy Mounting on Posts, Walls, Fences
  • Sign Face is Laminated with 3M 1160a Anti-Graffiti and Anti-Weather Protection. If sign is tagged, graffiti can be washed off using mild detergent such as Simple Green. If label is put on the sign face, the lable can be peeled off without any damage to the sign face. Laminate also protects sign from harsh weather including high sun exposure.

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Handicapped Parking Signs and ADA Guide Signs

Use this ADA entrance sign to guide visitors to the handicap accessible entrance to your store or business. Correct handicap parking and ADA guide signs are the first and easiest to implement step in making your business accessible. Professional and legal ADA parking signs and ADA guide signs improve the appearance of your property and business while helping customers and visitors.


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