ADA Symbol of Wheelchair Accessibility Sign - 12" x 12" - Reflective Aluminum Parking Lot and ADA Guide Sign

Symbol of Wheelchair Accessibility Sign - 12" x 12" - Optional Arrow
Symbol of Wheelchair Accessibility Sign - 12" x 12" - Optional Arrow
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ADA Symbol of Wheelchair Accessibility Guide Sign - 12x12 - Choose Arrow Direction - Heavy-Gauge Reflective Aluminum Handicapped Parking Signs with Weather and Graffiti Protection Rated for 10-Plus Years Outdoor Use

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ADA Wheelchair Symbol Signs and other ADA Guide Signs from ADA Sign Depot:

  • Rated for 10-Plus Years Outdoor Service Without Fading
  • Engineer Grade Prismatic Reflective Sign Face
  • Heavy-Gauge .080 Rust-Free Aluminum
  • Pre-Drilled Holes for Easy Mounting on Posts, Walls, Fences
  • Sign Face is Laminated with 3M 1160a Anti-Graffiti and Anti-Weather Protection. If sign is tagged, graffiti can be washed off using mild detergent such as Simple Green. If label is put on the sign face, the lable can be peeled off without any damage to the sign face. Laminate also protects sign from harsh weather including high sun exposure.

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California Building Code (CBC) (Followed by many states outside of California)

1117B. Color of symbol. The symbol specified above shall consist of a white figure on a blue background. The blue shall be equal to Color No. 15090 in Federal Standard 595B. Exception: The appropriate enforcement agency may approve other colors to complement decor or unique design. The symbol contrast shall be light on dark or dark on light.

1117B. Entrance signs. All building and facility entrances that are accessible to and usable by persons with disabilities shall be identified with a minimum of one International Symbol of Accessibility and with additional directional signs, utilizing the symbol, at junctions where the accessible route of travel diverges from the regular circulation path, to be visible to persons along approaching circulation paths. Entrances which are not accessible shall have directional signage complying with Section 11 17B.5.1, Items 2 and 3, which indicates the location of and route to the nearest accessible entrance.

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ADA Wheelchair Symbol Sign

Use this Wheelchair Symbol sign to guide visitors to your store or business to wheelchair accessible entrances and wheelchair ramps. Making your business compliant with ADA laws includes displaying the correct ADA signs for guiding people with disabilities to accessible paths of travel, wheelchair ramps/inclines, barrier-free entrances and exits.

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