ADA Wheelchair Access Window Decals - 6" x 6" - Package of 3 Decals - White Wheelchair on Blue Background

Window Decal - ADA Symbol of Accessibility - 6x6 - Package of 3 Decals
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ADA Wheelchair Access Window Decals

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  • ADA Compliant Access Window Decal - Package of 3 Decals
  • Static Cling means No Messy Adhesives
  • These wheelchair symbol static cling window decals can be removed and replaced to allow for cleaning of windows
  • Placed on the inside of windows or glass doors to avoid tampering and weathering
  • Simply clean window area, make sure it is dry, then place this decal on the window and roll-out any trapped air bubbles until smooth. Stays in place until you peel it off!
  • UV resistant inks and vinyl material ensures years of non-fade service
  • Need 25 or more? Click for wholesale priced Wheelchair Accessible Window Decals!

This UV resistant Symbol of Access window decal is placed on the inside of windows to designate Wheelchair Accessible Entrances and to let customers and visitors know the entrance is ADA compliant and has wheelchair access. This product is not recommended for use on heavily tinted windows.

Please note that this is a window decal and does not have tactile text or Braille. Click here for an acrylic resin plastic sign that has the Symbol of Accessibility with text and Braille.

In California, where is the International Symbol of Accessibility (ISA) required?
  • Building Entrances – CBC 1117B.
  • Accessible Restrooms – adjacent to door – not on door – CBC 1117B.5.1.3
  • Transfer Seats in Auditoriums – CBC 1104B.3.4.1
  • Accessible Checkstands – when not all checkstands are accessible – 4”x4” – CBC 1110B.1.3
  • On signs providing direction to accessible means of egress adjacent to elevators & exits that are not accessible for egress – CBC 1007.10
  • Signs for accessible parking – CBC 1129B.4
  • Accessible passenger loading & unloading zones – CBC 1131B.2
  • Signs providing direction to accessible building entrances, exits, restrooms & sanitary facilities where accessible path of travel deviates from regular pedestrian path – CBC 1117B5.8.1.2
  • Ticket office signs stating that accessible & companion seating is available – CBC 1104B.3.4.1
  • At doors to areas of refuge & exterior areas for assisted rescue – CBC 1007.9
  • At or on power doors & on push plates, vertical actuation bars – CBC 1133B2.5, Exception 2d
  • For occupancies of 300 or more, 6” ISA to be above door on both interior & exterior sides – CBC 1133B2.5, Exception 2e


Window Decals - Wholesale - Wheelchair Symbol - 6" x 6" - (Minimum 25)
Availability: Usually ships the same business day
Window Decals - Wholesale - Wheelchair Symbol - 6" x 6" - (Minimum 25) ADA-1077
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