Stairwell Floor Number Sign - 12x18 - ADA, Title 24 and International Fire Code Compliant Signs with Tactile Text and Braille

Stairwell Floor Number ADA Signs - 12" x 18" - ADA/IFC Compliant
Item# ADA-1041
$199.95, 3=$554.85, 5=$899.75, 10=$1,749.50
Made-to-Order Colors:  Stairwell Name or #: Roof Access? Enter Yes or No: Floor #: Enter STAR if Floor has Ground Level Exit: Top Floor Number: Bottom Floor Number: Main Exit Level: Enter RMH for Regular Mounting Holes: Enter CSMH for Counter-Sunk Mounting Holes: Enter Custom Color Names:
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ADA Compliant and International Fire Code compliant 12x18 Floor Level Stairwell Sign

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Quantity Discounts for Stairwell Floor Level ADA Signs - Contact Us for Pricing on More Than 10 Signs
3 = $184.95/each
5 = $179.95/each
10 = $174.95/each

Important Note About Drawings for ADA-1041 Stairwell Signs from ADA Sign Depot: After your order is received, we will create drawings for each sign on your order, based on the information you provided. We will email a proof for your review. We strongly advise that the proofs be shared with any inspectors (ADA and/or Fire, etc.) on your project. Only after the proofs are approved will the order be put into production. Should an order be cancelled after drawings are begun, there is a $300 charge, plus any other labor/material expenses incurred at the time of cancellation.

To order this Braille Stairwell Floor Number Sign in custom colors: Click the "View Color Chart" button below. Choose the text color and the background color that you want. Add the names in the window beside "Enter Custom Color Names". Then click the orange "Add To Cart" button. You can adjust the quantity of signs you want inside the shopping cart.

This 12x18 ADA, Title 24 and IFC Compliant Braille Stairwell Sign is used to mark an floor levels with or without roof access on all stairwells of a building.
  • ADA compliant non-glare matte finish
  • ADA compliant font and tactile (1/32 inch raised) letters
  • ADA compliant and Fire Code compliant 12x18 size and letter heights
  • Federal and California Compliant Domed Grade 2 Braille
  • Our ADA braille signage comes with foam mounting tape. However, ADA signs, and especially ADA signs larger than 8”x8”, including ADA stairwell signage and restroom door signs, should be mounted using mechanical fasteners (hardware), or a construction grade silicone adhesive such as Lexel Caulk. Foam mounting tape provided on stairwell signage and restroom door signage is only to aid in positioning the sign when mounting. These signs must be secured with fasteners and/or construction grade silicone adhesive.
  • This ADA sign can be ordered with pre-drilled 3/16" mounting holes—which we strongly advise. Each sign weighs nearly 3 pounds. Choose regular mounting holes, or counter-sunk mounting holes. Mounting hardware is not included with signs. Mounting hardware suitable for whatever surface material you will be mounting your signs on can be purchased at Home Depot, Lowes, or other hardware suppliers.
  • Click to view or download our ADA Sign Mounting Guide

Correct stairwell signage for Emergency First Responders is critical to building safety. Many stair/floor level and stairwell signs offered for sale on the internet do not meet ADA and/or Fire Code specifications. This ADA-1041 stairwell sign from ADA Sign Depot does.

It is always advisable to check with the ADA inspector having authority over your project before purchasing signs. With signs impacting fire safety, it is also advisable to get your fire inspector's approval before ordering signs. ADA Sign Depot has been manufacturing floor level and stair signs for many years. Our experience goes into every sign we make. The nature of these signs makes each floor a custom sign, and knowing the correct layout, letter heights, Braille and required information for each sign is critical. We've made stair signs for small buildings to skyscrapers, from parking garages to universities. We've manufactured ADA compliant tactile Braille stair signs in acrylic plastics with custom color matching (PMS numbers, Benjamin Moore paint numbers, other paint names/numbers), in brushed aluminum, and in LaserGlow® photoluminous materials required by many state or local building codes.

While this ADA Stairwell Sign is intended for indoor use, it's Rowmark materials are rated as Outdoor Weatherable: Outdoor weatherability is the ability of plastic engraving material to withstand exterior weathering conditions. Rowmark ADA Alternative® Substrate & Appliqué, Textures, Lacquers, Slickers, Ultra-Mattes Front & Reverse materials designated as “outdoor weatherable” are designed to withstand average conditions and temperatures for up to 5 years without significant degradation. Although no specific life can be designated to any product, Rowmark recognizes that under reasonable/normal weather conditions the material will not break down physically. Materials may become brittle and some discoloration or fading will occur when used in harsher environments or exposed for extended periods of time.


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