Men Only Wheelchair Accessible Restroom ADA Compliant Sign in Brushed Aluminum and Wood with Tactile Letters, Symbol and Grade 2 Braille - 6" x 9"

Men's Accessible Bathroom ADA Sign in Brushed Aluminum & Wood - 6"x9"
Item# BWL-1018
$74.95, 3=$218.85, 5=$349.75, 10=$649.50
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Modern Design ADA Compliant Wheelchair Accessible Male Bathroom Signs in Brushed Aluminum and Wood Laminate with Tactile Letters and Grade 2 Braille

Quantity Discounts Modern Design ADA Signs for Mens Wheelchair Accessible Bathrooms - Contact Us for Pricing On More Than 10 Signs
3 = $72.95/each
5 = $69.95/each
10 = $64.95/each

Text color choices are black, bright white, or ash. Choose a flat, digitally printed symbol or a tactile, raised 1/32" symbol.

Wheelchair Accessible Mens Room ADA Sign with Ash Text Color on Brushed Aluminum and Wood: Beautiful architectural ADA signs that are fully compliant. Interior designers, architects, and contractors will want to consider brushed aluminum and wood laminate Braille signs from ADA Sign Depot. An attractive alternative to standard issue plastic ADA signs, these modern ADA signs are a great addition for upscale offices, universities, medical facilities, retail stores and restaurants.

ADA Compliant Male Only Bathroom Signs in Brushed Aluminum and Wood from ADA Sign Depot

  • ADA compliant non-glare brushed aluminum and wood laminate
  • ADA compliant font and tactile (1/32 inch raised) text and pictogram (symbol)
  • Elegant black arc channel groove separates sign elements while adding a three-dimensional quality
  • ADA compliant clear California Domed Grade 2 Braille (The use of California standards for Braille satisfies both Federal and California regulations, allowing a single dot configuration for all Braille signs nationwide.)
  • Attractive and distinctive, ADA compliant signs in brushed aluminum and wood provide a custom alternative to generic plastic ADA Signs.
  • You can also order custom ADA signs by phone: 858.385.9095


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