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Illinois ADA Color-Coded Stairwell Signage - Contact ADA Sign Depot for Quote
Illinois ADA Color-Coded Stairwell Signage - Contact ADA Sign Depot for Quote
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Illinois Compliant Color-Coded Stairwell Floor Level Signs - Contact ADA Sign Depot for a Quote on Your Project

Amend 1022.8 Floor identification signs.

A sign shall be provided at each floor landing in exit enclosures connecting more than three stories designating the floor level, the terminus of the top and bottom of the exit enclosure and the color code identification of the stair or ramp. The signage shall also state the story of, and the direction to the exit discharge and the availability of roof access from the enclosure for the fire department. The sign shall be located inside the exit enclosure, centered 5 feet (1524 mm) above the floor landing in a position that is readily visible when the doors are in the open and closed positions. An additional sign stating the floor number and stair color shall be located on the occupant side of the exit enclosure. Signage shall meet the requirements set forth by the current Illinois Accessibility Code.

  • Our ADA signs come with foam mounting tape. However, correctly made ADA compliant stair signs are large and heavy. Also, due to where they are mounted, and newer paints and various surfaces that interfere with some adhesives, larger signs such as ADA bathroom/restroom door signs and ADA stairwell signage, should be mounted whenever possible using mechanical fasteners (hardware), or at least using a silicone adhesive such as Lexel Caulk.
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    Note: If requested we can include the email submission of one sample drawing proof for orders of this stairwell floor sign before production. Charges may apply if additional proofs are requested.

    1022.8.1 Signage requirements. Stairway identification signs shall comply with all the following requirements:

    1. The signs shall be a minimum size of 18 inches (457mm) by 12 inches (305mm).

    2. The letters designating the identification of the stair enclosure shall be a minimum 1 inches (38mm) in height.

    3. The number designating the floor level shall be a minimum of 5 inches (127 mm) in height with a stroke width of 0.5 inch (12.7mm) and located in the center of the sign.

    4. All other numbers and letters shall be 1 inch high (25.4mm).

    5. Characters and their background shall have a nonglare finish. Characters shall contrast with their background.

    6. The stairway identification sign shall have an indentifying background color; Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, and White and colors listed shall run clockwise starting at the address side of the building as approved by the Fire Department. The background color shall be written on the sign.

    7. When signs required by section 1022.8 are installed in interior exit enclosures of buildings subject to section 1024, the si gns shall be made of the same material as required by Section 1024.4.

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