Gender Neutral Restroom Door Brushed Aluminum ADA Signs - 12" x 12" - Contrasting Triangle on Circle with Tactile Symbols and Printed Wording

Gender Neutral Bathroom Door ADA Signs Brushed Aluminum - 12" x 12"
Item# BAL-1170
$129.95, 3=$383.85, 5=$624.75, 10=$1,199.50
Choose Color for Triangle/Text:  Enter RMH for Regular Mounting Holes ($7.95): Enter CSMH for Counter-Sunk Mounting Holes ($7.95): To Add Braille, Type YES ($7.95):
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ADA and California Compliant Gender Neutral Restroom Door Sign with Tactile Symbols on Triangle and Printed Text on Contrasting Circle

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Quantity Discounts Gender Neutral California and ADA Compliant Brushed Aluminum Bathroom Door Signs
3 = $127.95/each
5 = $124.95/each
10 = $119.95.95/each

California Gender Neutral Bathroom Door Signs

  • Non-glare matte finish
  • Tactile (1/32 inch raised) Symbols
  • Digitally painted lettering
  • Our ADA signs come with foam mounting tape. However, due to sign weight, movement of the door, and/or paints and surfaces that interfere with some adhesives, ADA bathroom/restroom door signs should be mounted using mechanical fasteners (hardware), or a silicone adhesive such as Lexel Caulk.
  • This ADA sign can be ordered with pre-drilled 3/16" mounting holes. Choose regular mounting holes, or counter-sunk mounting holes. Signs with drilled holes ship in 5-7 business days. Mounting hardware is not included with signs. Mounting hardware suitable for whatever surface material you will be mounting your signs on can be purchased at Home Depot, Lowes, or other hardware suppliers. Signs with drilled holes or customer-selected color schemes are not returnable for refund.
  • Click to view or download our ADA Sign Mounting Guide

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Item# LEX-1000 Lexel ADA Sign Mounting CaulkVandal Proof Parking Sign Hardware All indoor tactile Braille ADA signs from ADA Sign Depot come with foam mounting tape on the back. But ADA and California Title 24 compliant restroom door signs, with regulations requiring a 12” x 12” size and a 1/4” thickness, combined with the superior quality of the acrylic, brushed aluminum, bamboo and wood materials we use, make a substantial and heavier sign. A Women’s Circle or a Men’s Triangle door sign weighs nearly a pound, and Unisex triangle-on-circle door signs weigh over 1.5 pounds. For secure mounting, bathroom door signs must be mounted using silicone or other strong adhesive, or anchoring hardware. We recommend using Lexel Adhesive Caulk. It is without doubt the best product we have found for mounting our ADA signs.


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