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ADA Compliant Room Signs for Retail Stores, Restaurants, and Hotels

ADA Compliant Room Signs for Stores, Restaurants, Medical Offices and Hotels

ADA Room Identification Signs from ADA Sign Depot

Section 216.2 of the ADA requires permanent interior rooms and spaces to have compliant signs showing the room's designations, labels, or names. This would include interior signs and labeling for restrooms, room numbers and floor numbers or letters, and room names. Tactile text descriptors are required for pictograms (symbols) that are provided to label or identify a permanent room or space. To be fully compliant each interior room name must be properly signed. Also, multi-story buildings are required to have a tactile sign next to each door inside a stairwell to identify the floor level, stair level and exit level. Some local fire codes have size requirements for these signs. We recommend you always check with your local accessibility and fire code authorities before ordering. Is your retail business meeting compliance laws? Click to view or download a U. S. government handbook on, ADA Compliance for Retail Businesses. Use this helpful 7-page PDF to learn what your retail business should be doing to meet ADA compliance, from your parking lot to your entrances, and throughout the rooms, aisles and restrooms inside your store. Protect your retail establishment from lawsuits, while increasing your new customers and repeat customers by making your retail business ADA compliant.