R100B California Handicapped Parking Tow-Away Sign - 24x24 - Reflective Heavy-Gauge Official California Handicapped Parking Sign

R100B California Handicapped Parking Tow-Away Sign - 24" x 24"
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R100B (CA) Disabled Parking Tow-Away Sign for Parking Lots in California

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NOTE: We can typeset and add the tow-away information to your sign(s) in the required 1-inch letter height. After purchasing your sign(s) on this page, click here to have us add the towing information to some or all of your purchased signs.

Order your R100 B California handicapped parking signs with 3M's 1160a protective overlay film. This clear laminate protects the sign face from extreme weather—and is also a barrier to graffiti. If the sign is tagged, simply wash away the paint or markings with a mild detergent such as Simple Green. If vandals deface the sign with labels—the labels will not stick. They can be peeled right off, with no damage to the sign face. Saving you the time, money, and hassle of purchasing and mounting replacement signs. Handicapped parking signs protected with 3M 1160a will last at least ten years without any fading.

Please Note: Do NOT order 3M 1160a protective film if you are going to add tow-away information to this sign after receiving it from us. The 1160a film will not allow you to write on or adhere any labels to this sign! If you want 1160a protection AND the tow-away information on this sign, we can add it for you. Then we would apply 3M 1160a film to the sign, protecting the sign face from weather and graffiti.

Since July 2008 this has been the correct tow away sign to use in California. It must be 24x24 size with one-inch letter height, and it must be in the black lettering on white background to be compliant. This sign is typically posted at each entrance to the parking lot. It can also be posted near the disabled parking area in shared parking lot environments. We advise consulting with your local accessibility authority (where the sign will be posted) if you have any questions about the use of this sign.

Making your California parking lot accessible to everyone is the law. And with the ongoing challenge of accessibility related law suits in California, making your property compliant, including your parking area and approaches to your building, is essential.

It's also smart business. Using the correct California disabled parking signs to designate parking spaces for handicapped customers and visitors to your business is part of efficiently utilizing your parking area. Your parking area has a direct and significant impact on the bottom line and the success of your business. Buying and installing professionally manufactured and legally correct disabled parking signs is a small investment that pays your business dividends every day for many years.

  • Meets all California Specifications for Design, Materials and Manufacturing
  • Engineer Grade Reflective parking sign
  • Heavy-gauge thick aluminum
  • Durable, Rust-Free, and Rated for a Minimum of 7 Years Outdoor No Fade Service
  • Our California parking signs are pre-drilled with standard .375-inch diameter holes at top and bottom center, for easy mounting to u-channel posts, flat posts, and round posts. Signs can also be mounted on walls.

Correct wording for the R100B (CA) sign:

Unauthorized Vehicles Parked
In Designated Accessible
Spaces Not Displaying
Distinguishing Placards Or
Special License Plates Issued
For Persons With Disabilities
Will Be Towed Away
At The Owner's Expense

Towed Vehicles May Be Reclaimed At
(space for adding info in 1-inch letter height)

Or By Telephone
(space for adding phone number in 1-inch letter height)

R100B (CA) Disabled Parking Tow-Away Sign Drawing

Click to view or download California R100B Handicapped Parking Tow Away Sign layout and specifications


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Typeset Info for CA R100B Tow-Away Sign (Purchase Signs Separately) PAR-1027
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